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Best Cutter and Muscle Builder for Women


I started weight training about 6 months ago. I was using anavar and it worked pretty well making me vascular but I want something to really bulk my muscles. in a feminine way not masculine. Also I am torn on whether to take clen or winstrol. Anyone have any tips?


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With only six months of experience, I really hesitate to give you advice on any AAS. To give you an idea, I trained for 8 years before using anything and even then I was still learning the ropes on a lot of things. However, I really don't consider Clen to be in the same class of tools as AAS. I'd recommend looking into that, although there are a lot of dangers in that as well. Look up the ramping protocols for that for a woman and plan accordingly.

There's one main site out there that gives a good amount of info on women and banned substance usage. PM me if you can't find it, it's one of the first ones that come up when you google "steroid profiles". You'll know it when you find it.


Hmmm, well, here is my 2 cents.

I personally would try to dissuade you from trying to 'bulk up' your muscles through the use of androgens/anabolics; but I wont.

It sounds like you have had luck with anavar. Usually 10-15mgs of anavar a day is considered 'safe' for women; of course everyone is different. If you want to try something stronger see if you can get ahold of nandralone phenylpropionate (NPP).

Start off using that at no more than 50mgs a week; and see how that makes you feel. Using around 17mgs every other day would yield 51mgs per every 6 days. You could be even 'safer' and use just 15mgs every 2 days...
This is an injectable product, and is the faster acting; shorter lasting version of its original form Deca Durabolin (nandralone decanoate)

HGH would be good for fat loss; skin, etc.

Just remember, that feminine body in your avatar (if that is you) probably has other feminine attributes. Your voice, sexual organs, skin, jawline, body hair. <------All that stuff I just listed; can radically change with the administration of male-like sex hormones. Granted you would HOPEFULLY notice these changes and would stop using the drugs (if that is what you chose) and they might reverse/be reversible; and they might not...


Nice advice from idowhatican. T3 is something else you might want to look into as well


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Guys...it's a TROLL. In "her" other post it says she's only been training 3 months. And the most important fact NOT to be looked over in this case- is the nude pic in the bio, LOL.

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Damn Bushy, I didn't say find a source and jump right in; I said "look into"... I've read so much that agrees with you and so much that goes against it, I, personally, don't know what to think of it. Why do you say that? I respect your opinion; it'd be nice to finally be able to lay that one to rest and even decide for myself down the road.


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Thanks. I work out.


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