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Best Cut Cycle Ever Log

Wow just wrapped up a 12 week cut cycle and would have to say…one of my best…now i can enjoy summer
Started out 190lbs at 17%bf
12 weeks ended 188lbs at 8.5% bf
Cycle was
Week 1-8 test prop 100mg eod, tren ace 50mg eod, winny 50mg ed
Week 9-10 test prop 100mg eod, tren ace 60mg eod, test cyp 200mg weekly
Week 11-12 test prop 100mg eod, tren ace 75 eod, anavar 60mg daily
Diet 1500-1800 cals daily, drop carbs every 3 weeks
Id post pic but my bathroom’s not up to T nation standards…
Now gonna cruise at 250 cyp for 90 days maintain 8-10% bf then its gorilla season #bulking


That made me laugh harder than it should have.

Great results, man. Sounds like a really excellent stack combined with killer discipline. Good on you.

I came for the pics but stayed for the future bathroom fixture porn to come soon. Hope to not be disappointed.

Why did you run the cyp for 2 weeks? You had prop the whole time. Just curious. Looks good otherwise :+1:

I threw in the cyp to throw a curve ball at my body… I think in cycles i get best results when i change stuff every few weeks a bit or drop in a new compound.
As program went on im eating less & less carbs so i needed the extra test to power through tuff wo… Also im adding more cardio… But yea my friends & gf hated me…on top of occasional tren rage i was a total food nazi. Pretty much no eating out meal prep only. Id generally only have a cheat night every 2 weeks. Then only drink vodka on the rocks. Except the 8 week stretch on winny…no booze period then but yes on weed. The last 2 weeks the var synergy with tren was amazing. Hind site 20\20 id run var all 12 weeks… No sides except sum cramps but viens were poping great…but yea discipline is it…gotta be like Thanos when u cycle…gut it out 4 the results

Wow thats very low calories. How low did you go on carbs?


I use a formula…
Body Weight x 1.5g carbs then drop .5 every 3 weeks till im .5 or just getting carbs from veggies… a easy way to do it as Im not that smart is…cut dinner carbs, then cut lunch carbs, then cut breakfast carbs…

Crazy results! Your an inspiration sir! lol

How do you survive on such low carbs? Im currently at 250g and can barely function. Im 190lbs, probably around 10% BF.


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No wonder you had tren rage lmao. I’d be mad as shit too if my carbs were that low!

Sounds like a successful cycle tho!

It wasnt easy but best advice I can give is eggs, avacoda, protien shakes… Those fill you up… As far as gassing out in gym u just gotta dig deep… The Tren helps

I see. That pretty much rules it out for me as I’m a vegetarian so i don’t eat any meat fish or eggs. Whats your height? Your stats are similar to mine.


5’10" 187lbs 42yrs young

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You ran the winny for 8 weeks?

yea it sucked…worst part of cycle felt like shit

Damn. Was it mainly with the calorie deficit you were feeling like hell? I was planning on running winny the end of this year before a 2 week Caribbean trip.

no its cuz winny is trash… spend the extra $$ and get var… you can run it the whole cycle and feel fine…
6-8 weeks on winny is about all anyone can handle…var you can do 12 weeks… Just my $0.02

Yeah. My only concern was the quality of the Var I can get my hands on. I’m about to run the Var I have for 6 weeks so we will see how it goes.

Yeah your stats are exactly the same as mine haha. You may be slightly leaner however, i posted some pics in my other thread.


Just gotta keep going to Ukrainian GNC & we can stay 30 & juicy 4eva :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::muscle::joy: