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Best Custom Shirts Online EVER


Hey folks,

I've been a long time user of Biotest going way back. As I get older (I'm 52) I am even more of a proponent, in that recovery is so key. Currently using Plazma, MAG-10 Flameout, Curcumin and Brain Candy.

So why am I posting here? I've busted my a$$ to get in shape. I wear a 52 long jacket and have a 36 inch waist. This is a nightmare when I'm buying a shirt off the rack in that it looks like I'm wearing a tent from the circus with all of the material bunched at the waist.

Enter M-Tailor. This is an app that I read about online someplace and decided to give a try. In a word it's been awesome. I'm not a shill for the company. It's just worked for me and I thought it might work for others on here. I'd love for you to use me as a reference, but if not, I don't really care, just long as you get the problem solved like I have. I've purchased 4 of their shirts and get compliments every single time. Just a great custom product and a great service for those of us who work out and want to actually look like it!


Do they do jeans?

At T-Nation, we have a major problem with jeans.



You can also save time and money on pressing, and improve mobility, by foam rolling on top of your shirts.


Thanks for the tip. I am coming into the same situation. off the rack dress shirts just aren’t cut for me anymore. My “go to” Brooks Brothers (humble brag) non-irons are tight around the shoulders, loose around the waist, and almost impossible to button the top button. It might be time to go custom.


No, but God I wish they did.


I have quite a few Brooks Bothers shirts that will be donated soon :slight_smile: These are actually the same price or cheaper.


If you work out, you should be using slim fit. That will solve most baggy waist dress shirt problems.


Calvin Klein slim fit and ultra slim fit work for me. Just order the right neck size. Might fit really well through the chest/back/arms and taper appropriately at the waist. i am not slim.

makeyourownjeans dot com might be worth a look. I plan to try it. Going to measure based on other jeans that fit well in a given area.


[quote]theBird wrote:
Do they do jeans?

At T-Nation, we have a major problem with jeans.


Yeah, I was going to say we sticky this one if they do jeans.