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Best CT Program for Leaning Up?

I’m going to throw this out there as I’m sure I’m not the only who’s going to lean down for summer. Yes, I know diet is the key to this but the right program helps a lot.

I had some good success with Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong last year. Anyone tried that? Can you compare it to any of CTs other programs?

Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong works well. I lost 13 pounds while improving strength over 8 weeks.

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Athlete Lean is great, not bad for bulkkng either if you eat in a surplus.

Haven’t run it yet myself but ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ should lean you our crazy fast!

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Athlete Lean is legit for sure.

I’m on Week 6 of the program CT outlned here: Program for strength and athleticism and I like it a lot so far.
Main difference from this program and ALAS is that it doesn’t use power movements. Also conditioning is built from very minimal and increases every week from carries, intervals and steady-state.

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Would you recommend starting with ALAS and then that program or the other way around?