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Best Creatine?

What brand of creatine does everybody like best? I’ve never used creatine before and i plan on trying some.

Your best bet is Biotest’s Creatine in the T-Nation store. 500g for $13 is a deal that’s hard to beat.


The German creatine mixed with Surge makes for a good “transport” system.

No need to go out and buy all the high priced gimicky bullshit from GNC.

my in depth answer is here (and Dave Barr links another great article in it as well


Most monohydrate (pure) creatine is the same. What you want is micronized creatine, however. Biotest has the best quality (or equal to the other good ones out there) for only 13 bucks… that is cheap as hell for 500 grams.

Other good ones for the price are (taking this from JB approved supplements) Creatine Monohydrate by Prolab, 1000g for $24 (cheaper than Biotest by 2 dollars, but cmon, you know Biotest is great quality, and gives you all this free shit). Also there is Creatine 500 by At Large Nutrition, you can get 1500g (3 500g containers) for $37.50, which would be only a dollar 50 cheaper than 3 of Biotest’s creatine containers. Again, go for Biotest, for reasons stated above.

I also like the Biotest brand Creatine…mixes nicely. Sometimes I just put the powder right on my tongue and rinse it down.