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Best Creatine?


Any thoughts on what the best Creatine brand is?


All monohydrate creatine is basically the same. So only the percentage of creatine can vary (a little). Some prefer micronised creatine.

I wouldn't waste my money on a powder that contains a "transporter" though. Use the pure stuff.


Agreed. I personally use ProPower and/or NutraBiotics, it's the slightly higher quality monohydrate at a good price.



I use Higher Power Nutrition brand. I found it to be superior quality compared to the others. And the price is low because they don't over-advertise.


i use Labrada CreaLean, good stuff, lasts for months for 15 bucks


I use Max Creatine, 99% pure creatine monohydrate, 5 grams a scoop, 2 scoops a day. Tasteless, and you can get a huge tub of it for about 20 bux


LOL, do you work for higher power, higherpower?


I was about to post the same question.

What's your position with the company, higherpower?