Best Creatine

I searched the forum, but I never really found a sound answer. So, what creatine do all of you guys use? Supposively, there is no difference between brands of creatine, is this true? I need to buy some more soon. It would be so much easier to see a Biotest Label on Creatine again!!!

Nick, I think there’s a difference between which creatine you use. I’ve had the best results from plain old Prolab Creapure. I’m using Microfiltered creatine from Active(some canadian company) and it sucks ass.

I have had great results from metabolic nutritions creatine glycerol phosphate. Also, ANSI makes creatine glycerol aswell which I am about to try out next week.

I just use plain unflavored powdered creatine from GNC. Nothing added. It’s all the same substance, isn’t it?

i use HDT. as far as i know, it is a quality product and the price is pretty good. i also like the micronized better so that was the main reason i chose HDT.

They can be very different. A lot of companies sell crap. That means, creatine with a lot of impurities. Buy any brand that sells CREAPURE. Creapure is the purest creatine in the market.

I used the eas creatine from walmart and gained 6 lbs in a week.

Lets see, German creatine, liquid creatine, creatine titrate, creatine phosphate, Alka Seltzer bullshit creatine and so on and so on. No wonder supplement users get all confused. The truth is that creatine from a reputable company will suffice. Do not load for this is just a quick way to buy more creatine. The creatine will get into your system just as well by using 7-10 grams per day. It will just take a little longer. Try Syntrax’s Swole or Muscle Link’s Creasol. I find both to be excellent products.

Use Prolab or Kaizen. The use creapure. This is the only creatine virtually free of impurities. Think about it: if you use 5 grams of creatine per day, and it has 1 percent impurities, then this is 50 mg of impurities per day.
“Creatine monohydrate consists of creatine and water. Up to 12% of the creatine monohydrate molecule is water. Water stabilizes the creatine and makes it bioavailable to the body. The majority of companies only conduct this test for creatine. They do not test for creatinine, dicyandiamide, or dihydrotriazine. Furthermore, there is a margin of error of 4% + or - on creatine tests. Therefore, a creatine monohydrate product that boasts a purity level of 99.9% pure may only be telling the purity story and not the facts about impurities. SKW Trostberg AG has extensively researched and analyzed creatine monohydrate products available on the market. Creatine products from every manufacturer and distributor in the world were tested for by-products and impurities: creatinine, dicyandiamide, and dihydrotriazine. The only product that has tested consistently the best is CREAPURE™ creatine monohydrate from SKW Trostberg AG.”

I remember something awhile ago about sodium being important in loading creatine? I also remember somebody saying something about a company that had such a product. Could anybody in the know explain please? I am planning to go on creatine in a few weeks. I have tradionally been a non-responder. I heard that sodium levels could have something to do with this. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I bought mine from prosource and it worked great. It was cheap too.