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Best Creatine


what's the best, and easest on your stomack




Creatine should just be pure creatine making it pretty simple. With that said, it is hard to find a better price that Biotest and impossible to beat the reputation!


I have to agree on the Biotest creatine. I had used EAS 'Body Works' creatine that I got from Tescos which had the consistency of granulated sugar. That made it a bit gritty to drink but no big deal. Then I got some Biotest micronised creatine. Sooo much easier to take. Its a true powder, very fine. I find it almost turns the water milky when I stir it in.

I don't know if micronised does make the creatine more effective but it sure makes it easier to take, which is a big plus for me. Good price too.


Yup, you can't beat Biotest Creatine and for best results combine it with Surge.



You dont need creatine just eat and lift.


No shit.

No one needs creatine monohydrate, yet it is one of the most effective and well researched sports supplements ever.

To the OP: As mentioned by others, stick with a high-quality pure Creatine monohydrate like Biotest offers through this site.


What's with the recent rush of "best 'type-x' supplements" threads?

I mean, hell, after about 30 seconds on any page you can get to from google, you should see some ads for something.

If it were me, and it was at one point, I'd say "hey! There's a supplement add! I gonna click!"

Maybe, though, since none of the bottles I'm looking at on the right side of the screen (take your time, move your eyes, maybe turn your head. I'll wait.) have a big blinking "click here!" thingie.

If Biotest makes it, and someone else does as well, try both, then realize Biotest is higher quality, and buy more.


ON's creatine pure and best value I've seen so far. Biotest's is also really good but ON is a bit cheaper.