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Best Creatine for Strength


I'm going to begin a creatine supplement after football is over in a couple weeks and I was wondering which one is best for strength gains, seeing as how i plan on competing this winter/spring. I'm thinking about skipping all the bullshit and just go with Biotest German micronized monohydrate. any suggestions?


Jesus christ. Just take the damn creatine. I assure you it's not a steroid


iknow its not a steroid u ass. im not stupid, its an amino acid already found in your muscles


lol wut?


OP, it's really not about which type you take but really about how you take it. Putting it in your socks will maximize strength gains.





Just use the Biotest supplements and stop making ridiculous threads.

Also, read more, talk less.


I actually heard that creatine is absorbed optimally when taken rectally... absorbs directly into the blood stream and is delivered right into the muscles which were used/fatigued most that day... Its science

just sayin OP


Actually the optimal way is to create a water-creatine mixture and swab the inside of your foreskin with a dampened Q-tip. The method you mentioned is best for circumcised males. It will also alleviate OP's frequent urination issues.


uncircumcised??? Groooooooooooooss!

Ok OP if you are infact uncircumcised you should probably seriously consider taking matters into your own hands and handling that situation cause EVERYONE knows that just isnt very sanitary


Give the kid a break, he probably goes to the same school as the football players who were "poisoned" by the lethal supplement known as, creatine monohydrate.




Unsanitary? Maybe if you're a hobo and don't know when your next shower is coming. Shower everyday and pull the skin back in the shower.

Have you been watching Sex Ed. vids from 70's or something?


did they even make sex ed vids after the 70's? Ball-Fro's FTW!



YAH GREG. Let me guess, you think circumcision is healthier as well?

Let's just turn this thread into a cut vs. uncut debate.


This is my thread now! Get out of here you uncircumcised heathens!!!!! :slightly_smiling:


Stop going Ass-to-mouth with hobos gregron.


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