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Best Costume, Please Vote


If you could please take 2-3 minutes and vote for me for best Halloween costume I would greatly appreciate it. Winner gets 1,000 which would help pay for 2 chemo treatments for our dog Gracie.

You can cast your vote here:


Simply register your email. Check your email to verify it, then vote.

Gracie was diagnosed with Lymphoma on Sept 12th with a prognosis for only 1 month if no treatment was given. She has gone through 2 chemo treatments already and along with a holistic approach through diet and supplements so far she is doing really well.



You got my vote!



thanks, I really appreciate it. Sucks you have to register, so thanks for going through that loophole for me


That is you in the link I provided right?


lol, the one with the boobs? no. I'm the clown :wink: in the link I provided. Weird though, they both appear to be the same link


Just tugging your chain.


I voted, but honestly there were better costumes. Only reason you got my vote was for the dog.


lol, don't bother me, it's the vote that counts.

The chick with the GI Joe costume (forget her name) looked pretty bad ass



And I don't even like dogs.


thank ya


Voted, hope it helps out.



thanks Stu


Done and done.

Best of luck to your pup.


thank you


Depends.....you ever vote for any of my things?


When does the voting close?


Nov 13th, top 3 votes then is decided by a panel of 3 judges


probably not, I'd vote maybe best avatar but that's about it



Now you keep your eyes off my whore.


My man jfit has a sick dig and needs votes for a chance to win some cash so he can save it

Bump bump bump

Vote vote vote

This is clearly more importtant than all that other shit you're reading on this forum.....come on people.