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Best Core Work?


What is the best bang for the buck core wise? Finally back after it since the knee has recovered, my core is hands down my weakest part. I have hyperlordosis in my low back because of my weak abs.


front squat, front squat holds, good mornings w/o a belt, standing cable abs, hanging abs, decline sit ups, ab wheel, planks


Huh yea this pretty much covers it.


But, but, but, aren't sit-ups bad for you? (sarcasm off).


darn nice. i am a big fan of side planks after reading a lot of dr stuart mcgills research on the spine. so throw that in for shits and giggles and yay! good to go.


With me being as strong as a malnourished schoolgirl core wise I will run planks for 2-3 weeks and work in to the ab roller.

When I can get back in the gym I will add in the good mornings light and work up slowly like Jim Wendler says. I want to get to the point where hanging leg raises, the ab roller etc are the mainstay along with my twisting movements.


I like (as much as one can like) weighted planks.


Definitely side planks. They helped me on my scoliosis rehab.

Also found out that deadlifts to knees only, for reps, just pounds the bejeezus out of my abs.


Coming from a starting point of being in awful shape, I think Kettlebell swings, and any and all overhead work has a great effect on your core.

Other than that, I love standing pulley crunches, and GM's.


Hang on, first things first. Just how weak is your core? Is barbell work completely out of the question? Are we talking very basic exercises, like the thread Reconstruction just started? Or can you do light squats and lifts?


Front squats
OH squat
Barbell rollouts
Hanging leg raises feet to face

Pull down abs standing

Plank variations


Thanks guys. But Feet to face? What you have 2' legs? :slight_smile: I will start the planks today


I'm doing HLRs feet to face and absolutely love them. They work my midsection like nothing else. I am up to sets of 7, and that pretty much kills me.

I also get a real ab pump when doing full-stretch chinups.


Couple things: I was being a smart ass with the 'feet to face' being that the feet would be over the head or so in the right position :slightly_smiling:

Second: great pulls in the 'snap' thread! Keep up the great work!!