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Best Core Exercise


Look, you’re getting a bit overly technical with this, don’t you think?

Are you working your lower back, obliques, and abs by holding a plank? Yes? Then you’re working all those muscles. In rollouts, you’re using those three groups too to stabilize. In a planche you’re sure as shit using those three groups. Static holds are exercises too.


No, I really don’t think so.

No. In fact, not only are the spinal extensors not being worked in a plank, they are actually being suppressed (see Sherrington’s law). Agonists/antagonists can’t be worked simultaneously (except via intentional isometric contraction).


I get your point, would argue further but I’m cranky after work and would just get more confrontational so I’ll back out of this one.


Rotational med ball slams. Just wanted to throw something in there that had midsection bracing and moving through an explosive movement. Honorable mention to rotational landmine presses.


I assume posterior chain


Ya, I think a lot of people would agree with you. OTOH, many others consider it to be the abs (as per @T3hPwnisher). Finally, many agree with @flappinit that it’s “a band around your waist encompassing everything therein - lower back, sides, abs.”

This lack of a universal definition makes it tough to start winnowing the field with respect to identifying the ‘best core exercise.’

In contrast, there’s no lack of consensus re the definition of the oblique muscles, rectus abdominus, spinal erectors, etc.


Agreed. Since I commented, I just wanted to clarify my thoughts.


The Core is a wonderful, “so bad, it’s good” movie in which Hilary Swank restarts the earth’s core. Gives me a great ab workout laughing everytime I watch it.


First saw her in Boys Don’t Cry, for which she won an Oscar. Very impressive performance.


McGill’s big three