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"Best" Conditions for Bloodwork?

Been fighting for over a year to get my natural levels up, and it’s been working, but they could still be higher. In the 500s at age 34.

Anyways, going for bloodwork next week. Sounds like a stupid question, but debating if I should get it while leading my usual life, and go hang out with friends this weekend (i.e. stay out late and lose some sleep), or do everything I possibly can for a high number.


Total T can look good but under the surface SHBG could be elevated and Free T low. I find it strange how people focus on the inactive form of testosterone rather than the active form.

I think it’s excellent you were able to raising testosterone through, keep going…

Getting a good night’s sleep is a huge factor in raising testosterone!

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Well if living your life doesn’t normally include “doing everything you can for a high number”, then why on earth would you want to strive for that on blood work? Let it reflect where you are man under normal circumstances.


This is because of this…

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I don’t get your question (which is why I moved the thread. I’m just confused.) Maybe I’m misreading it? Do you want the bloodwork to show high T or do you want to work the system in order to show lower numbers so you get prescribed TRT?

If it’s the former, do everything normally and change nothing about your regular diet/training/sleep patterns. That’s the only way to get an accurate reading. If it’s the latter, I believe that’s a very dumb move and will result in treatment for a condition you don’t actually have, which will only lead to trouble down the road.

It’s like, if you’re going to physical therapy for a slipped disc, you don’t pop a painkiller on the drive to your next appointment because the doctor will then adjust the treatment plan based on inaccurate information.

I’d suggest going by how you feel, not chasing idealized numbers.

Hey Chris,

Not trying to fudge the numbers at all, quite the opposite. I want this to reflect if my body is really having a problem or not, so I can make the right choice on TRT.

I can dial my life in, basically living for a number, but it wouldn’t be enjoyable. Obviously there’s a middle ground - can’t just go get drunk, smoke cigarettes, and barely sleep and say “it’s how I live my life”.

In other words, do I go more for a number that reflects the best I can get from my current lifestyle, or the best my body can do?

Roger that, thanks for clarifying.

Get bloodwork under conditions that reflect of your life the majority of the time. If that means smoking, booze, and insomnia, so be it. Like the physical therapy example, you don’t mask issues when you’re trying to detect the effects of those issues because you’ll get a useless reading done under false pretenses.

With that said, you should think more big picture because expecting any type of health benefits from TRT without also addressing those lifestyle decisions is circular logic, at best, like the dude who lifts for an hour and does a half-hour on the treadmill, then gets a Big Mac combo on the drive home from the gym.

You definitely don’t need to dive into a straight-edge monk’s lifestyle, but reeling back a bit on the vices will only be beneficial in the short and long-term.

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Absolutely, thanks for your input on it.

At this point, the only vice present regularly is going out a night a week. No drinking or anything, but lost sleep.

That aside, I’m approaching monk lifestyle lol. My life is pretty centric around health, fitness, and diet at this point. Stress is still high at times, but after over a decade of improving that, I don’t think there will be any revolutionary change to that anytime soon (but it’s come a LONG way).

Hi bigmistake, Your body burns/uses your naturally produced T all day long. It is a good idea to stay out of the gym for 48hours also avoid super strenous activities. This does not include sex. That whole no screwing thing is BS. Try to get your blood draw in the morning this is when your T lvl is the highest.
Also I’d like to comment. A total T of 500 is pretty dam good. Some here believe that every 30 year old runs around with 800plus and that is wishful thinking and total BS. Remember we are on a forum with the a big f-ing ((( T ))) in its name and we have T junkies here that thinks everyone should be injecting. Take it from someone who has been doing this a while T from a needle is nothing like natural T. You want to mess around maybe get big in the gym go over to pharma and learn about cycling. Don’t do TRT unless you absolutely have to.