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Best Conditioning While Bulking?


"Fuck steady state" = internet guru bullshit.

Running a few miles at a time at a solid pace is one of the best things you can do for yourself, regardless of what you're trying to accomplish.


Like I previously stated, everything is from my experience as an athlete and nothing else. I have never found in my athletic career that long, steady state jogging/running/walking has helped my performance.


Agreed. I found I got better at my 400m intervals after adding in longer duration runs anywhere from 3-8 km.

People who knock traditional roadwork usually are the same people who dont bother going at it intense. Offcourse its ineffective if you traul away at the treadmill at 6kmh without breaking a sweat.

A hard 3-5k uphill run leaves me gasping for air and has improved my cardio tremendously in a short period of time.


The point wasnt to say those are the only two ways anyone should condition, obviously there are other ways to do it. The point, sir, is that working hard to achieve something will work better 100% of the time. Walking or jogging is not working hard, it is pretending to work hard. Prowler pushes for example, will do nothing bad for someone bulking, sure they burn some calories, but they should be eating enough, to only make them stronger and faster. Walking on a tread mill will do none of that.

Wendler isnt the only person with common sense.


there are always trends and majority are trend -followers.I did hill sprints 15 years ago,still do them occasionaly among other things.A sound non-specific conditioning plan is put together based on why,at what cost,when,how often,how intense.Many methods are used as any serious athlete knows and practises.
A prowler is a fucking gimmick made to make money.Its product of insane powerlifting minds who decided that to condition to lift more weight they should push some weight.

And,by the way,that the hell happened to sled dragging? :))


I agree it's 'harder', as in I'm more likely to get light headed or the puke feeling from it, but I usually recover from it much easier, and never have DOMS from it. Different strokes for different folks though.


Have you pusher a prowler? I have to say that I really don't consider it the same as a sled.


I dont doubt for a second that pushing the heavy loaded prowler consitistently & hard,cant produce great conditioning.Its just that considering the pros & cons and alternatives,theres number of better ones than prowler.

I fail to see why I would shell out 300+ dollars for it when I can just push my car around


While the 12 and 10 pound sledge hammer's didn't seem that great for hypertrophy, I can say with some confidence that a 16pound hammer with 20pound vest routine, applied 4 times a week, for about an 1-2hours each session, has some insane turn-over for mass gaining.

It doesn't hit any one muscle group, you just find weight adding to the scale, and you just start looking thicker and thicker in the torso, back, ab, leg musculature.

It's a lot of bang for the buck. Just got a 16pounder for christmas, it makes a big difference in mass-gaining.


Yeah but people would get so pissed if you push your car around on the grass or something. In all seriousness its not really the design of the prowler, more so that you just push it. If you took a piece of wood and made it into a sled with upright pvc handles it'd be the same shit.


Sprinting is good for conditioning but so is the hoplitodromos!!!!

Been doing it for a while now, it is pretty hardcore. Back in the times of the ancient games, they added the hoplite run. Or whatever they called it.

It consistent of a 400m run with armor and shield, allegedly this was the effective range of persian archers (allegedly encountered slightly before the hoplite run was added to the games, considered as much military training as a sport) obviously it became important for these soldiers to condition their bodies to close that 400m gap, with armor, FAST.

Anyway, 400m sprint with 40-60pounds, weighted vest, backpack, maybe holding a HEAVY object in your hand to mimic a shield. It builds you up, it adds weight, and it conditions your body.

There are some vases depicted some runners hoping over the fallen shields of previous runners, haha these hoplite runners must have been FIT.

But on the hoplite run, you will easily build up to the point that you can out-run the normal or average person with 50pounds over a mile.

keep in mind these people were training to close 400 meters as FAST AS POSSIBLE to avoid becoming pin-cushions, they weren't jogging or even running with 50pounds, they were SPRINTING or coming as close to SPRINTING as anyone can with 50pounds. Try that and try it with a psychological intensity or a shadow of the intensity that they must have trained with, convince yourself on some level that finishing this 400 meter is IMPORTANT, that doing it fast MEANS SOMETHING.


Isnt drinking & fighting traditional roadwork for Irish people to keep in shape? :wink:)


if people get pissed,they can also be hurt for messing with my training :wink:)




most people these days carry 100 pounds of fat.no need for extra weight to put on,Holmes! :))


Would chopping down trees in Central Park 4 times a week make me elite athlete-spartan hoplite? :)))


Short distance & low volume sprints. 5 x 25-30m twice a week should complement your strength program.
Check out the speed & size of bobsledders, football players & throwers. They will rarely sprint more than 30-40m in training and carry slabs of muscle on their frames.


Good point about most people carrying an extra 50-100pounds. If you are over-weight and built up the necessary cardio, anaerobic endurance, cardiovascular health to run at g ood speed, for 300-400 meter intervals, it will build you up A LOT.

Even as you lose fat you will probably gain muscle from running with the extra weight. Hence the giant calves of a lot of previously fat people who take up running.


LOL. Well done.


I knew I'd find fightin' irish on this thread lol

For the non-steady state crowd... This Guy:

Disagrees. Seems he makes steady state work pretty well.

He also front squats 136kg

I don't think 3-4 miles a couple times a week will do much to your muscle mass. Especially if you're eating 1-1.5x bodyweight and not cutting your carbs.