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Best Compounds for 8 Week Blasts?

Hi Guys,

I am 10.5 weeks into my first blast and below are my initial observations:

  • I am 6ft and the blast has taken me from 88kg (193.5lbs) to 96.5kg (212lbs) at similar BF (approx 17%). I assume 20lbs of weight gain will be achieved by the end of the blast.

  • It took 3 to 4 weeks to really get going. I went from 400mg of test Cyp to 500mg at week 3. The time for things to kick in was frustrating and ate up a good chunk of my 12 week blast.

  • Adding in 50mg Anavar a day at week 7 made a huge difference to my strength. This took about 2.5 weeks to really get going, but when it did I saw good strength gains. I am not super lean (17ish % so not much as far as hardening and definition). I lab tested the Var so it’s legit. My libido has taken a hit from the Var also.

  • 12 weeks of really hard training beats up my body. I need 2 deloads during this length of time which again eats into my blast.

Given the above, I am thinking shorter blasts that kick in faster are likely better for me and may present less negative side effects. Any thoughts?

Given the above, what do you recommend as the best option for cutting and the best option for bulking?

I want minimal sides with good results. Cost isn’t an option and assume everything Pharma is available pls. No tren, etc.

I assume in both instances test prop as the base. Is 500mg a week needed?

I know primo is normally used for long periods, is there a fast acting primo? I like the idea of
Primo because it is light on sides with minimal health impact and likewise Var isn’t too heavy on sides.

For example for an 8 week cut how does this look:
300mg test prop
300mg primo
50mg Anavar (starting week 4)

I also want to mention I am on TRT at 100mg a week so won’t need PCT

Thank for the help and I look forward to your input.

T Prop / Mast P / Var

8 weeks is more of a proper cycle than a blast, unless you are referring to blast&cruise.

Regardless…primo is probably my favorite, but to see anything in 8 weeks you will have to use considerably more than 300/week. More like 700+. Which is obviously cost prohibitive for most. But if you were able to run primo at that level, then the rest of your idea looks good with it. I would probably run tbol (favorite oral) instead of var, but that’s me.

Thanks for the input. The cost of primo isn’t a problem

My next blast will be my cruise dose (200 mg test e) and an oral for 6 weeks. Waiting until I reach my goal for lean composition to run it. I’m thinking since I’m only running 200 mg of test, that dbol or drol would add some nice size, and the bloat won’t be too bad as the test is low.


Just before this COVID nonsense shut everything down, I was doing something similar - a run of dbol and var with nolva to prevent bloat. Got a little stronger, put on a little size, kept definition at previous level (no bloat).