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Best Compound to Use After Dbol on a Test E and Dbol Cycle?

My question is this. I was planing on doing the tamoxifen pct which I already have. I have read that one should not take tamoxifen during or after tren because of the prolactin and estrogen issues since tamoxifen does not get rid of E2 it just blocks it from future E2 being made. I have stopped tamoxifen for controlling my E2 during cycle and been doing very low dose of letro which has been working great. Should I do a different PCT such as a test taper or clomid. Or will I be ok with continuing my planned PCT of tamoxifen 40/40/20/20? Thanks


Dude why not use aromasin or arimidex for ai ? I have heard of people using proviron for ai, but rarely tamoxifen. Usually i use adex 0.5 mg every 3 days.

Then use hcg + tamoxifen for pct. Clomid has more side effects, makes me cry for no reason.

Test taper should be done at the final stages of the cycle i think. Letrozole is okay for an ai, but the margin of error is small.
Remember when you have libido but soft dick - high estro.
No libido at all, usually low estrogen…

Tren doesn’t aromatize. You’re only on 250 test pw which DOES but that’s a very moderate dose. I doubt you need any E2 control, especially Letro.

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I started using letro instead of the tamoxifen for E2 because I have read that tamoxifen can raise prolactin and shouldn’t be used when using tren. Also because that’s what was available and aromasin and adex wasn’t. What about pct from a short tren cycle? Is my planned pct suitable or should I switch it ?

Neither one of y’all answered my questions. I know the ins and outs of letro and that a test taper is done at the end I was asking for an example of a test taper schedule and if that was a better pct than tamoxifen if one was using tren on their cycle.