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Best Compound to Use After Dbol on a Test E and Dbol Cycle?

Good afternoon T nation! I am looking to add another compound to the end of my dbol and test e cycle. I stopped the dbol two weeks ago and am just running test E 250 at 1.5cc a week. I am on my 8th week of this cycle and have 8 more to Go. I am thinking about Winny or anavar. I have bulked nicely so far on this cycle and my gains have been drier than my last Test dbol cycle. Which I know is because my diet is cleaner and I’m not shoving 4500 calories down my throat everyday. My issue with the anavar is my UGL is selling it cheaper than many of the other orals and from what I’ve heard anavar is faked a lot and should be more expensive than other orals. I also do not want a compound that is going to make my libido go away. Please give me suggestions on what compound would bode well in my situation. I am 5’9 210 12% BF . I like BF ratio I just want to add more lean mass. Thank y’all in advance! My cycle:
Week 1: Test E 250 1ml twice a week
Week 2-7: Test E 250 .5ml twice a week
Week 7-16: Test E 250 : .75 ml twice a week
Week 1-4: dbol 20 mg ED
Week 4-6: dbol 30 mg ED
Week 1-16 tamoxifen 20 mg as needed ( about twice a week)
PCT : tamoxifen 40/40/20/20

Why not add the dbol in again at the back end of your cycle? If you’ve had success with it and know how to control your e2 from it then there’s no reason not to. As you pointed out, your gains have been less fatty than before because your diet is right where you need it to be. So if you’re not changing back to a crappy diet then you should be able to get another 4-6 weeks of solid benefits from adding the dbol once more. When you find something that works there’s no reason to try to reinvent the wheel. Try it again at the 20mg dose for the last six weeks and I bet you’ll be just as happy as you were the first six weeks.

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What weeks do you plan to do PCT. It should not be week 17 as a clue.

I was not a big fan of anavar. It lowered libido from where I was with just test. It also made sex take a long time (not always bad, but in this case it was too much). Others really like var so take my review with a grain of salt.

With 8 weeks left, I would go from 375 mg of test to 500-600 mg and not do an oral. That is just me. The total e2 should not be past what you had with the test + dbol. Additionally, it will not take very long to build up levels since you are 7 weeks in at 250 mg a week.

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I definitely thought about that. I just didn’t know if the 3-4 week break from it would be enough. Thank you for the response I appreciate your knowledge! Also this is my 3rd cycle with just Test E being my first and Test E and Dbol my second. So I would like to see what some other compounds have to offer. Not disagreeing with your “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it “ approach because I am firm believer in that. But I also know that one of the best things to do when building muscle is to confuse the body. So if I shock my body with a new compound I feel like I will respond extremely well to it. Just my thought process and that goes with just about everything workouts, supplements, food, women;) (jk I’m married)

Thanks for the reply bud. My PCT will start two weeks after last Test E pin. I have responded well since i upped my dosage of test but I’m not too comfortable going that high. I don’t really want to go high dosage on anything because it’s just my 3rd cycle and I feel like if I do i will have nothing to look forward too. Like I stated in response to yuppy I feel like introducing a new compound would do some good. I just want to hear some experiences on what other used in my situation. With the understanding that I might not respond the same as the next man will but it’s a start. I have done a lot of research and found Deca to be a popular combo with dbol and test but I have ZERO interest in getting Deca dick. Which who knows maybe I won’t get it I just want some of my fellow muscle heads personal experiences.!!!

Anybody else have some ideas?

Would you mind posting a pic? We are the same height and I’d love to see what I’m going to look like with 20 extra pounds of muscle.

Who is we?

We refers to you & I.

Do you have any experience with the topic in question dexter?

FWIW you are severely underestimating your body fat percentage. You are far higher. That’s OK, you have a ton of bulk there. However, maybe its time to cut the dbol and fine tune the physique? Are you against running a short ester injectable at the end? The only other oral I like not discussed is Tbol. Good medium range strength and size gains without the bloat.

this ^

you don’t neccessarily have to drop the dbol but you do need to sort your diet out to make the progress you want.

Not really. I’m planning on doing Test & Anavar in the near future and using Proviron to counteract the libido issues.

This picture was right before I started the cycle I’m currently on. I was 225 in this picture, I’m at 210 right now and as I stated in a previous comment on my last cycle I was eating a lot of calories and did get a lot of bloat. I have toned the calories down to 3000 low carb high protein and lost 15 pounds. I was surprised that I could cut and bulk on dbol plus test based on my diet. I was thinking about Tren ace as a short ester compound. But I have a hard time sleeping as it is and from what I’ve read the insomnia and night sweats are pretty bad with it. What about eq? I have some readily available was just wanting some experiences from others and more research before I started. If I was to use something else it would take about two weeks until I can start.

I was doing research on tbol and was more interested in it than Winny or anavar. As far as the injectable I’m not against. I can start eq tomorrow if I wanted but I don’t believe that is short ester. I might be wrong but I know Tren ace is short ester and I’ve been seriously contemplating it I just hate the night sweats and insomnia because I already deal with insomnia. Guess I’ll never know until I try I just wanted some others experiences before spending the money.

My first choice to add to test is a moderate dose of Masteron P. My second choice would be an oral like tbol.

Why not Tbol?

Probably gain more with it than Var if taken at same MG’s, also no water retention just like var.

Var is also one of the most faked and underdosed compounds, but if you have the money and can find a legit product, then sure Var is good as well.

So I’m getting a Tren 100 that has 50mg ace and 50 E. How should I dose since they are combining long and short esters? Will also be running the test E should I do 2 to 1 test being the 2?
I am very interested in the Tbol in the future but I just got a great deal on the Tren and I’ve been wanting to throw it in just weary of the sides but I’ll just have to see for myself.

So I got my Tren and I’m ready to start it. I am still contemplating the doses however. I have read that the more frequent you inject the less sides you will have as well as running a higher test like 500 wk test and 200 wk Tren would also cause more sides. Since my last shot of test e was a week ago at 500 mg should I just do Tren 50mg EOD for the first week then throw back in the test? I don’t want to go high since this is my first cycle with Tren so I was thinking something like 200mg/wk Tren with 100 mg/wk test. Would these low doasages do anything? Would these dosages help negate the side effects associated with Tren? Also I have seen that Cardarine helps with the Tren sides. Anyone have experience with this?

Just an update on my cycle I have been doing tren e EOD along with test e. Results have been great to say the least I’ve lost 5 pounds and gained muscle starting to get the more cut while remaining bulky look I’ve been wanting. I have been keeping doses low starting the tren at 75mg eod and the test at 250 a week. Stayed there for the first two weeks and started to see and feel the difference about a week after I started. At the start of the third week of tren I upped the dose to 100mg eod and kept the test at 250 wk. with just the 100mg a wk increase in tren I can notice the sides more. The night sweats is probably the worst one and had 2 nights of restlessness but wasn’t tired when I got up after those restless nights. Appetite isn’t there much I have to force to eat . I do notice that even if I don’t eat much I still retain my muscle. But when I eat a lot I feel extra bulky the next day but still hard. I can definitely see why people say you can cut or bulk on tren because it really just depends on how much you eat. Also seems like it doesn’t matter what I eat i still lose fat and gain muscle. I am starting to get the irritation sides of the tren but it’s definitely controllable.