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Best Compound/Mass Exercises for Arms


what would you guys recommend the best for..

Bicep mass, thickness, and size

Tricep mass, thickness, and size

:slightly_smiling: thanks!


C'mon, man. Did you search for this before making a post on it?


for starters.


The is basically a reworded version of your post in the beg. section. Stop that.


? me ?


Everyone is built different and will respond differently to the same exercise. I like curls with a curl bar and decline close grip bench press on a smith machine.


Cheers Bw :slightly_smiling: So should I i go by feel and try a few different exercises out?


NEVER try things out for yourself, the sun may implode on itself



Do you feel the decline close grip hits your long head better than flat?

Or does it just cut out some of the chest/shoulder involvement


As others have said, figure out what works for you. A couple things I would keep in mind:

  • The stronger your hands/forearms are, the bigger your arms will get.

  • The average gym goer uses too much weight for bicep/tricep exercises. Don't worry about the weight on focus on working the muscle. The weight will come with time.


Barbell curls and weighted dip for me.


Yeah I don't think you can go much better than those raw bread and butter exercises.


PJR pullover and Incline offset curls are my favorites


Squats, close-grip chin-ups, and dips are my favorites.


Definitely easier on the shoulders and to me, just more of a natural move which equals heavier weight.


Yes, trial and error, the key is your ability to assess your progress.


Good choices there for me too.

Also really enjoying rolling DB extensions as an elbow friendly extension exercise, dips and smith wide reverse grip presses for triceps.


LOL guess we know why your arms suck?


Yeah, those squats really hit my bi's and tri's too. For calves, my favorite is bench press.




Everyone has made good points already I just want to add...

I believe there are no perfect exercises but what is key is technigue and execution. Learn the basics with proper technique and form but pay attention to things like the angle of the lift, the way you grip the bar and the width of your grip, arm spacing and ROM (range of motion). Every little detail you can think of that's involved in the lift, pay close attention to it and make adjustments accordingly depending on what you're trying to get out of the lift/exercise. The smallest tweak in an exercise/lift can make a world of difference.