Best Compliment I Ever Recieved In The Gym

Not sure why I am even posting this, it probably sounds like I am tooting my own horn, but this made me feel really good.
Now, most of us, from time to time, probably get complements at the gym. Either, about our strenth or impressive work out technique. My experience this usually comes from newbies (or may a lonley chick that wants to bone you.) The few times I have ever recieved these I did feel humlbed and honored. But this latest onecame from somebody who has been lifting for some 8 years (I have been lifting for 13). Regardless, 8 years of self improvement gives you plenty of experience and knowledge ( unless your just a dumb goon.) This guy who recently started working out at he gyn, and we sort have become buddies. He told me this “Man, I though I was hardcore, but your more hard core than anybody I have seen.”
I don’t think he even realized that he complemented me, but I felt very humbled and proud. To have somebody notice that I have spent a lot of time learning and trying new things is very satisfying.
I hope many of you will have the same type of experience at some point, if you haven’t already.
BTW, the most hardcore person I have ever seen is a chick who used to post here quite often, Patricia. Man what a weath of practical knowledge, not to mention well balance and HOT, in my humble opinion. Some of you old times probably remember her.

I a shutting up now.

You should be proud. The only compliment I ever got was from some gay guy. I think he was just trying to soften me up a little. Made me feel wierd.

Patricia was a certifiable badass.

Have met Patricia twice on trips to Portland. Had “dinner” with her and Ko one time at a Red Robin, and then had breakfast about a year later at the Heathman, where Ko is a chef.

Both very class people.