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Best Combo Of Size And Aesthetics?

Mark Bell


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He must have found out about those raspberry ketones that the supplement industry is terrified of you discovering.

In this lineup Clairemont is the easy standout winner on aesthetics for me.

Dillet was great…from the front. He and Strydom spent huge effort trying to bring up their back and hams and never could.

Antoine Viallant, Bertil Fox, Freddy Ortiz, Brian Buchanan, Robbie Robinson all different types of the spectrum, but all massive with a beautiful aesthetic.

Strydom from the front was ungodly. Dude looked insane.

Late to the party but I reckon Shawn Ray had one of the best physiques ever, especially with the insane conditioning he could bring to the stage. More recently, I think Chris Bumstead is incredibly talented, and I can’t wait to see him in later shows

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I think people forget how good Shawn Ray really was. At the time he was competing,… against Haney, against Dorian, against Ronnie (think about just the longevity and consistent top placings for such a period of time!) he truly was an amazing combination of size and aesthetics.

The problem was just like when Franco and Arnold would square off… a great big man will beat a great little man every time, and at 205 lbs on the Mr. Olympia stage…


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When was the 212 introduced? No doubt Shawn could have dominated that class

Also, not sure if I’m alone on this or not, but I think Dorian was one of the only mass monsters to have an aesthetic physique. Possibly with the exception of aforementioned Lee Haney

Maybe in his young days but otherwise… nope, not what I’d call aesthetic

Maybe aesthetic was the wrong word, his waist is definitely too thick for that. Let me rephrase: I think Dorian is one of the only mass monsters to look good.

Yea I gotta disagree on that one too. Overall size was massive, but it was more the look of a lego brick. Muscles sitting ontop of a huge frame rather than huge individual muscles. I am ofcourse talking aesthetically, obviously his muscles were huge, but its a visual game.

To each his own I guess. All I know is I’d take Yates’ look over any other Olympia Overalls from the last 25 years



Yates was great-looked better 2 weeks out IMO. He had lines, but because he was so big, he unintentionally pushed the judging toward the 240+ pound guys even if they had uglier physiques. The next best 240+ pound guy started getting #2 etc even if the 206 guy had a better overall package. Then the guys on the smaller side like Taylor and Ray started to bloat up a bit too.

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Never really gave him that much thought, but really a classic big physique.

Best lines ever?

At his best Arnold could never fairly beat him.


That’s Sergio right? I always thought his forearms were a bit too big, but otherwise he was insane