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Best combinations


Hi all,

I have a good general understanding of training, diet and gear. I bust my ass in the gym and eat clean meals religiously. But like most of us, I am always looking for improvements to all aspects on the journey to being a freak.

I recently saw some posts about Aaron Clarke, this guy is pretty much it. Strong as hell on all the compounds with a thick and shredded physique to match.

Seeing a guy change from a jacked teen to an IFBB pro monster has re-ignited motivation both in the gym and to keep a check on those pesky macros…

So, with a blast on the horizon, and a re-motivated head on my shoulders, I would like to start a topic on what people have done that has given them the most significant physical changes, I am talking changes that have taken you up a level like nothing else has…

Obvs this is in the pharma section, so naturally I am expecting well planned cycles with the odd inclusion of slin and gh from the more experienced, but would be good to hear some basic nutrition and training along with it…

Please refrain from posting if your most significant improvement to date is adding an AI to a cycle or deciding to consume 7 mass gainers per day instead of 4.