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Best Combat Movie


I think a lot of you are young and dumb enough to think movies like Fight Club qualify as one of the best fight movies of all time.

You would be dead wrong (that's 'bleeding from the mouth' dead, by the way which is REAL dead in movie world).

I want to know if there is a movie out there I've missed that upon completion of watching it makes you feel like starting a bar fight....or one so well done that you've seen it 500 times over.

For instance, anyone who calls themselves a man should know by now that Five Deadly Venoms quite possibly single handedly changed pop culture world wide. The Wu Tang Klan doesn't sample the hell out of that movie for the hell of it.

So, what movie slapped the shit out of you and made you pay attention?

PS, If you even mention the name "Channing Tatum", a guy with blades for arms will be by shortly to remove what is left of your testicles.


damn... well since Fight Club and all Channing Tatum movies are off the table I'm having trouble thinking of one?

Classic Fight movies:
Enter the Dragon (or pretty much any bruce lee movie)
Legend of the Drunken Master
Bloodsport... I loved that movie back in the day

I guess they arent technically "fight movies" but more of awesome "fight scenes" were in:
300... had some pretty awesome fight sceenes

But I'm sure you've seen all of those. Those are just some of my faves... Braveheart is my favorite movie of all time


If you believe Channing deserves to be here, then fight for what you believe in.

This is a fight...right?


^^Let the record show that I dislike Tatum. It was an attempted joke. Joke fail apperantly

the other suggestions were real suggestions.

Also the Matrix had some pretty cool fight scenes. Forgot to mention that movie


Bloodsport was f#ing awesome when I was a kid. But I watched it again recently and it was really cheesy. Thanks a lot MMA training.


I loved Jackie Chan's earlier stuff.

Legend of the Drunken Master
Equilibrium (I consider this a combat movie)
Iron Monkey
Ip Man
Rumble in the Bronx (YES!!!)
Supercop was awesome.

Now I just want a Jackie Chan marathon on TV.


Anyone who has ever watched the first Rocky movie wants to get into a scrap lol. It's pretty tough to top that one.

After watching so many of these combat movies it's turned into more of a why is he fighting these guys than wow what a fight!. If it's a dude fighting a child rapist I definetly get a little more jacked up. In other words, the more heinous the villian the more I get into the fight. Not sure if that makes any sense lol.


Hero - Jet Li
Kill Bill 1&2
Anything with Gordon Liu especially Drunken Monkey circa 2002
The Octagon (its got Chuck Norris for Petes sake)
and of course Bruce Lee (Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, and Enter the dragon)

Saving Pvt.Ryan
Full metal Jacket
There was a bit of hand to hand in those


Kung fu flicks?

Iron Monkey, Duel To The Death, The Prodigal Son and The Magnificent Butcher were stand outs for me.

For balls out action though I would recommend

Full Contact and The Killer. Chow Yun Fat ftw!


I liek fight club the best, especially how huge and cuttet Brad Pitt was on screen. Sadly you canot reech this level of dveploment withouth the dangerous and addictive drug creatine... ts ts...

Ninja Assassin ranks very high in my books, since the CG was truly awesome and the settings were creative, for example the fighting on a busy freeway.
For sentimental value and pure awesomeness: "Roadhouse", although its more of a brawl- than a fight-movie...


Only the Strong with Mark Dacascos


Fist of Legend




Zatoichi was a supremely well done samurai movie. Not exactly the juiced up, I want to start shit now type, but awesome nevertheless.


Fists of Fucking Legend! Jet Li at his finest

And one of the most baddass flicks of all time: THE WARRIORS. There was nothing BUT fisticuffs in that movie from beginning to end.



Not Blade 3.


Rocky is a perfect example of how NOT to fight, IE catching punches with your face as a viable defense strategy.

I always thought the Bourne Trilogy had some great hand-to-hand fight scenes, especially Bourne Ultimatum. They seemed very gritty and real to me. At least more real than most Hollywood fights.


Bloodsport, starring noted thespian Jean-Claude Van Damme...

Realistic? Hell no. Homoerotic? Disturbingly so. Really could have done without seeing JCVD in his red undies.

Amazing film though, which if nothing else urges the viewer that when life deals you a shitty hand, give it a flying split kick.


The Bourne fights were the fakest, most orchestrated ones I've ever seen.

Looked cool, though.


I think you are referring to "Undefeatable".