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best college job?

I try not to work much during the school year. For the last few years I have been a bouncer at a nightclub on the weekends when school is in session. I try and make enough money during the summers to get me through the school year. For four years and I have fought forest fires, gross earnings have been anywhere from 14,000 to 24,000. The more elite you are the more money you make. This coming summer I am going to guide whitewater rafting and kayaking trips up here in Idaho.

Lifeguarding - it might be different where you are, but for me it was $8/hr, plenty of time to study, getting a tan, hanging out with girls in swimsuits, with the nights off and nothing too physical so my workouts still kicked ass.


Apply at a hospital for the “Communications Department.” That’s basically the switchboard. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to work with a couple of hotties mixed in with some old hags. It’s a great job though, because you won’t be tired, the pay should be pretty good, and it won’t look too bad on a resume either. Plus, if you sign up for weekend and holiday night shifts, you’ll basically be getting paid to stay up all night to study!!!


If you did well on your standardized tests, teaching SAT classes for The Princeton Review or Kaplan is a pretty nice gig. The hours are after classes generally, the pay is nice (I grossed about $18/hour), and after you’ve done it a few times it takes almost no preparation to do it again. If you’re especially good at any particular subjects, you could set yourself up as a tutor and make money without getting taxes withheld (not that I would ever encourage you to avoid paying them of course… =-) ). Also, many girls I knew in school made decent money babysitting professors’ kids - they just put up ads on departmental bulletin boards. Good luck.

i work in the Collaborative High Altitude Flow Facility. it’s pretty cool, real relaxed atmosphere. all you gotta do is a little design here and there and then the rest is easy manual labor for the most part. putting and taking shit apart.

How did you get into the review teaching? I had a 1430 SAT, so I think that would be good enough to get into teaching them… let me know about that. Thanks.

I got into teaching for TPR by taking the review course for the LSAT and then rocking the test – they just asked me to teach after that. However, if you have good scores (and yours sound good enough), you can just call your local office and see if they have openings for teachers. The March SAT classes get busy, but you just missed the start of those classes. For TPR, just call 1-800-2-REVIEW, which will bump you to the nearest local office (I’m not sure where you’re located) and ask for the person in charge of the high-school programs. For Kaplan, just look them up in the phone book or on the web and give your local office a call. I personally like TPR better because it’s a more chill work environment, but I’m probably a tad biased. The other nice thing about teaching SATs is that you can progress to teaching the grad courses (LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, etc.) if you’re a good teacher, and there are many occasions when little hotties in those classes fall for a smart T-Man teacher (nice fringe benefits eh?)… Good luck.

Stripping can earn you some serious cash. Just one piece of advice do not get into the drugs and alcohol.

anything on campus…on campus jobs are a joke…LOL Im at one right now and this is what Im doing!!! Just be on the lookout for postings at your school and some post on the net also

I know of one girl who does that. I even know her real name. :slight_smile:

Thanks man, I appreciate the help- and that goes for everyone, but keep em coming by all means. Thanks again

Deliver pies for a lax pizza shop. I make 16 an hour (really) shifts are only 5 hours long, and I just drive around listenen to music all night. Make sure to pick a shop that doesnt make you wher ea uniform or car-sign. All the free Abos I can handle too.

Doesn’t surprise me that you know a couple. I was saying man or woman you can make some serious caaasshhh. If you are a man you have to be very comfortable with your sexuality whatever that is…

I know a few guys who earn some serious dough stuffing ads in envelopes on saturday and mailing them to anyone in a phonebook. Those are the jobs that you see listed as “work at home, $1500 part time, $7000 full time.” All it is, is an advertising scam. You just solicit busines for large comapnies and you get paid per piece. Sit down one day a week and crank out a few thousand, and you have plenty of time left over to study, party, have sex, etc. Actually, if I did not have a good cushy job already, and I were in school, I’d probably boost luxurious or exotic cars and take them to the local chop shop. (I also know a few people that do that. As much as $2,000 per car. High paying, fast paced, full of excitement… but just like every job it has its down sides. I believe somebody already mentioned the violation of your cornhole part :wink:

My buddy had the perfect thing going with this girl he was with in college. He got himself a really kinky girlfriend who at that time in her life wanted nothing more than to screw everyone anyway she could and wanted to try all types of people. She was a voluptious japanese girl who was raised in a strict home and also loved the idea of doing something that would piss off her dad. So he pimped his girl out to all the black guys on campus. She was 5’4" 145lbs 100%real 38dd-26-40. This girls ass was bigger than J-lo from the selena movie and her boobs were just awesome. Anyway the black guys would go nuts for her and she wanted all of them so to make money he turned her out for anywhere from $30 for boob screw or ass cheek rub(to climax of course) to $50 for oral and $100 gets you everything. And if you wanted to save money bring a few friends for a gang bang and you would pay only $75 each. Also if a guy was a regular they would always give the guy a serious break. GOOD LUCK!

I delivered mail last year. pretty easy, the mailroom was near the entrance of a dorm so i saw all my friends and could read any magazine that i wanted including all the porn. Most colleges have some kind of student employment center where you can get low-skill minimum wage + jobs.