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best college job?

Hey everyone, what would you say is the best job for a college kid to work for some extra cash?

Waitressing or bartending–good tips. Construction.
How old are you? Male or female? Any skills?

I work at a Safeway.

When I was in school(which was only 2 yrs ago), I had a job in the weight room…how sweet is that? 2-3 hours every other day, didn’t have to really do anything so all i’d so was train and eat(AND get paid for it!)…granted, I went to a small liberal arts school so getting that job wsa easier than, say, getting the same job at a big school.

I know a few guys that bartend, I plan on doing that.I’m a junior in high school

Get a job washing windows on campus like me. Not as bad as it sounds, since your unsupervised…

I’m 19, male, no real particular skills that I could take advantage of… just looking for some good ideas. Thanks guys, keep 'em coming…

Library - cushy job, no real skills needed other than people skills, at the communitiy college I attended, I was in the PC lab surfing the web and I helped a guy to search and get what he needed. Little did I know I was being watched by one of the librarians and she told me that I should leave my name & # with them so that they might be able to find a position for me. I worked for 6 hours a week on a Saturday in the Libraries Media Center. Its th eplace a person would go to view/listen to tapes relating to their course work. I would help about 8 people each Saturday and I would play PC games the rest of the time.

Computer Labbie - you need to be somewhat computer literate but you wouldn't necessaryily have to be a total PC nerd like myself :), biggest obstacle is "How do I check my email?" "How do I print?"

Front Desk/Clerical/Office Position - most schools hire students to fill the low totem pole positions, like a gopher or telephone/file/customer service position. Usually only operates during school/business hours so you might have your nights & weekends free.

Gym - most schools check IDs to get into the gym, see if you can get that job. The people who check IDs here also do their homework or read to pass the time between the russ of students. I work in the weightroom at my school, easy job, good enviornment, plus I control the music :slight_smile:

It depends if you’re wanting to work weekends, on campus or off campus etc. Working in the rec center is really the best. Usually you just sit at a desk and answer people’s questions. Take your homework with you or just a book to read. Don’t get paid anything, but that is to be expected. Another advantage is that hopefully you can see some honeys running around and even hit on them. Weekend only work can be good, but it takes away from your social life. Bartending or bouncing can be good but has it’s drawbacks. You will be at the same bar every weekend, seeing mostly the same people. When the bar is busy it can be a stressful job. Depending on how high class the bar is, you may not make much in tips, or you can make a lot. The bar probably has the best hours though. You can always go to the athletic department and see if they just have some easy jobs like sellling tickets, cleaning the weight room, helping the equipment manager. If you could get in good, maybe you could be on the sidelines during games. I knew of a couple guys who worked the gradeyard shifts at hotels or motels. That has to fit with your schedule though. I knew of some guys who worked with the parks department and went around planting flowers and doing yard work during the day and weekends. This can be really good, especially it seems women like to do this and tan the entire time. Just go get the classifieds and see what they have that would interest you.

I worked for the Dining Service at a D1 university. Before you all groan, hear me out. It was my job to refill the pop and ice dispensers. The bags of concentrate hardly ever run out and occasionally i needed to add a few buckets of ice. Mostly, i stood around and talked to people who came through the cafeteria, great way to meet people. Easiest, most fun and slackest job i’ve ever had, plus the job paid better than most other part-time jobs i could have found in the city.

While in college, I had a night job as a security guard. From 10pm to 7am, I would do a patrol every two hours and the rest of the time I would study.

Grocery stores are good, flexible hours decent pay and benefits. Waiting tables is also good , you can make quite a bit of money and only work 20 hours a week but there are usually no benefits.

Sell Drugs! IT’s easy and fun. Please don’t get caught though. No amount of money is worth the violation of your corn-hole.

Waiter, the shifts can be tailored around your schedule and it’s not all that hard to get a couple days off when you want them

Night clerk at a holiday inn or such. No exp needed, usually pays min + 2/hr, and your days are free. Plus, you can get all your studying done on their time.

Turning tricks. You’ll make plenty of money.

While I was in college I worked on a help desk doing PC support, nothing hard. Since it was considered an Internship they paid me what I considered damn good coin, $15+/hr and that was 5 years ago. I worked on the weekends (8a-4p) and was bored to tears for the most part so I did my homework. The best part was that they hooked me up w/ a job after I graduated.

I know of at least a couple girls from my university work at a strip club.

Turning tricks???

Turning Tricks = prostitution.