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Best Coffee


So, what do you think is the best coffee?

Grocery Store Blend: Yuban
Best Flavor: Sumatra

Best Coffee Ever: Montecristo 1935 Havana Blend

So what's your favorites? Any good cheap ones I don't know about? I heard 8 o'clock blend is good. If you couldn't tell, I like dark blends. Forget the sugar or cream, I need it black like the night.



If you like a darker coffee, I recommend the Three-Peckered Billy Goat Blend. But Deadman's reach is also great. I believe most of their coffees are available in organic equivalents and they also carry swiss water decaf...for you pansies. :wink:


For dark roast, I like 6th Avenue Bistro Blend by Seatle's Best. My in-laws brought me a half pound of Blue Mountain from Jamaica, and it was really good, but at USD 20.00/lb, I sure can't afford it.

Up here though, nothing comes close to Timmy's. I don't know what they put in it, but they've got the entire country hooked. If terrorists ever wanted to attack Canada, all they'd have to do is put a slow acting poison in the Tim Hortons' coffee supply and wait 2 weeks. There wouldn't be more than about 10 Canadians left.


Out of a can - Cafe DuMond

Fresh - 7-11 (no shit)



Amen bro, Timmy Ho's is liquid gold.


I love coffee, but find I get in ruts with the brands.

Best store bought: Kirkland Columbian Supremo (costco). Dark, rich, beautiful. Like my women.

Best fresh: 7-11 Columbian Supremo or Dark Mountain Roast, when fresh. 10 minutes on the warmer and you can strip paint with it.

Best chain coffee?: Gotta be my Starbucks lattes. I take mine with an extra shot of espresso. Life takes on a whole new meaning after one of these babies. Oh, and stay away from the pumpkin spice. Waaaaaaay too sweet and it kills the buzz.




LOL, so true!

It truly is crack in a cup!


Landbridge Coffee Company


Ignore the crappy website when you order, and the very basic packaging when you get it. The coffee is fantastic single-origin, specialty grade that will be some of the freshest coffee you'll ever taste.


Yep, what he said. Even the decaf rocks.


Buy fair trade! :slightly_smiling:


I'm bookmarking this thread by responding. I love coffee. Obviously any pure Kona brands from Hawaii are excellent.


Yeah, Peet's is definitely good stuff. I order it off the internet as there are no stores where I live now. A while back, though, I got a batch that wasn't all that great. My usual is the french roast from San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee. At about $16 for 3lbs. you can't beat it. I have to admit that lately it's getting a little strong for me, though. I guess tastes change.


Well, for a daily brew I'd choose Community between roast. It's made here in Louisiana but it's available in other states. For something not quite as domestic, it would have to be just about any Costa Rican coffee.


My fav is Community Columbian roast. Very good. Better than the others imo.


I went to Starbuck's tonight and their coffee of the day was Kenyan. I didn't catch the full details that Java Jimmy was spouting out at me, but dammit it was good. (He said something about it being AA bold, blah blah.)

And I seriously was offended when the lady asked me if I wanted room for cream; I thought the sight of me (5'8' 200 lbs and the sraggliest beard of all time/shaved head combo) would be enough to let her know the answer to that question.


Any coffee made by someone else who is up before I am, which is a rarity.


Peete's has both the best coffees and by far the best teas. It really isn't fair anymore.


...and there isn't a third "e". Damnit whoever added that...


You sound like my wife!! :slightly_smiling: Coffee's alwase better if someone else makes it!