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Best CLA


Hey all.I heard a lot about CLA.Anyone here uses it?Also,which is the best kinda to buy? Thanks.


To poorly quote the lonman; CLA has been shown to be highly effective in rats.


I tried it-IMO expensive and worthless.


Don't be too quick to dismiss it.

The cis-10 trans-12 isomer appears to be really effective as an anti-inflammatory.


But not as a fat liberator like was previously thought?


To quote my friend who is a supplement "expert":

"You take and your body won't absorb any fat, you just poop it all out."



pubmed search 'cis-10 trans-12' comes up with nothing.


And here we have insight into the new supp you're working on??????


So I guess not.I was just wondering because I've been taking 8-10 grams of CLA for about a week now,and been drinking lot of organic milk ,lol,and I've been getting better muscle tone and have lost some bf.Thanks for your opinions guys.


Good to hear the combo did something for ya.

Have you tried it without adding anything extra to your diet?


How funny....
After seeing Dr. LL present at the Staley conference I've been going through the archives to read his old articles and I'm on #3 which was about CLA....
Ironic huh?


Do a Google search. There is plenty.

And please keep posting without EVER changing your avatar......


There is an article in the November 05 issue of Muscle & Fitness (page 234) on what they call the "Stack of the month". The stack includes CLA, GLA, and Omega 3's (all are healthy fats).

The article recommends taking 1-3 grams of each fat 2-3 times a day with food. The article also mentions that you must take CLA consistently for several months to experience it's benefits. Each of the 3 fats can be taken seperately on it's own, or in a product called "alphalean", made by PPN which includes all 3. It retails for about $50. GNC also sells it's own version of it called Sensor, or Censor, goes for about the same price.

I personally have not taken any, but I have read the research on it, and I am thinking of buying the a 2-3 month supply of CLA. I searched the T-Nation site and found a few prior articles on CLA, but those were back in 2001.

If anyone has had positive or negative results, I would love to hear about it before I spend my money. Also, if you could include the brand you took/are taking, and how much you are taking, it would also help.

I have checked a few web sites to find the best prices on CLA, GLA and the Omega 3's.


I know the best one -

Its coming out on this site in less than 8 weeks. Its gonna be a CLA and EFA mix. Might as well wait for it since its gonna blow the doors off any crap you would get at the stores.

Your welcome






only if i find a better one


I remember reading LL's stuff on CLA -- as I recall he said there were two isomers that had differing effects, one that helped one to gain muscle and one that helped one to lose fat.

TC - Is Biotest working on a supp that isolates an isomer?


Most of the manufactures use Tonalin CLA which the one recommended in the 2001 article. Just look for the cheapest supplier that uses this brand.