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Best City to Live In

I’ve read sereral different magazine articles with the same headline but the criteria they use seems pretty useless to me (number of suicides, number of people with heart disease, ethnic diversity…basically, stuff i dont’ care about).
I have the type of job where i can basically live in any city and i’ve been wondering where would be a cool place to live. I now live in atlanta and I like it for the most part. I think the major pluses in atlanta are the women, number of tech (my industry) jobs, and the climate. Some of the downsides are the traffic (to be expected in this large of a city i guess), lack of culture, lack of cool outdoor destinations (no beach, mountains, rivers (chattahoochee is polluted to hell)).
I know it’s all about what you’re looking for. I’ve heard good things about san fran, durango, tuscon, san diego.
anybody been are lived in a really cool city and care to share?
thanks much.

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I’m a techie who lived in Denver for 15 years. The climate and outdoor activity are pretty hard to beat, but the traffic can be a real pain in the ass.

I used to travel extensively for my job. I was having a beer one evening with a guy I worked with, over the previous year we’d both spent time in Minnecrapolis, Omahole, KC, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Salt Lake, Pheonix, LA, San Fran, Sucramento, San Diego, Albuquerque(sp) and several other cities.

We both realized that until we had traveled we never realized just how great we had it in Denver. 300+ days of sunshine a year do something for your mental health.

And not all the things you listed are unimportant. I wouldn’t want to live in a place where the suicide rates are higher than average, there’s probably a reason for it.

ive visited tucson… it’s a small city but it’s got everything you need (good jobs, smart ppl, necessary and unnecessary amenities, diversity)… but no beach… im a big fan of living near large bodies of water…

I may sound a bit jaded here, but commuting to Seattle has me fit to be tied.

Seattle is a beautiful city (if you can call man made landscape beautiful). I believe Denver has some of the same issues that Seattle has (overcrowding, traffic, etc).

I really think that Anchorage (or insert your favorite AK city), Alaska is the hit. I’m ready to move up there to escape the rat race and perhaps live out the rest of my life in somewhat of a less developed area. Maybe start on a Rocky IV training program.

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san diego hands down!

Donder I’d stay far from San Diego unless you’re looking to get dry humped.

LOL! Shit P-dog you’re never gonna live that down.

I’ll would have to say Denver. I have lived in most of the places you have talked about from SoCal to Arizona and out East. The reasons for Denver.It offers anything you want to do, as far as activities from playing in the snow in the winter, to playing about anything you want in the summer. Plus for night life tons to do from Bars, nightclubs, to fine arts. Plus It’s a 4 pro city. As for the commute you can avoid it . It has all four seasons to the fullest. Basically an awsome city

NYC if you don’t mind the cold and snow during the winter time. Its the only city thats up all night. There is so much to do in NYC you can go watch a movie or go to the museumes on the weekend or you can shop till you drop. And if you take mass transit there is no traffic. Granted the two major down fall in living in NYC is cost of living is ultra high. And the winter gets cold.

well actually im in no-cal so youll be safe. except for a few days out of the year when i take a trip south.

I grew up in Atlanta. It ranks #1 in pollution…#3 in crime…and the Georgia school system ranked #50 out of all 50 states.

What's the best city to live in???...any city but Atlanta.

Indianpolis, there dry humping here too P-Dog you should come visit and bring some cali females the selection out here is terrible.

I live in a place called Hull in the UK, which was voted crappest place to live in Britain in national survey.

I lived just outside of Atlanta for 3 years. A year and a half ago I moved to Charleston (more specifically Mount Pleasant) South Carolina. This place is great. I’m 5 minutes from the ocean. There are great restaurants, night spots, and other things to do. The fact that there are a few colleges in the area, makes the scenery nicer. This is an awesome area to live. It’s only a 5 hour drive for you, check it out. You’ll be hooked.

If you like hill country and a popping night life in the city, check out Austin, TX. It’s nice there and traffic isn’t too terrible. Good food, good looking women, nice people, not many foreigners who can’t speak english.

I like Colrado Springs best. It’s got all the benefits of Denver only less traffic and slightly warmer during the winter. Although I hear Denver has a 2-to-1 female to male ratio.

And whoever said Austin has no traffic has never driven there! It’s like the second worst after Seattle. Although it’s starting to get better. Me being a hairy ass part french canadian, the weather is only tolerable for a couple years.

That’s why I’m moving back to CO Springs area next summer.


I’m in SD right now and having a pretty rediculously good time. Winter is the best time of year in my mind becuase you got the snow, the mountains and the beach all within a reasonable drive from the city. The nightlife is cool, SDSU and UCSD along with all the other colleges keeps the female population nice.


I would cut off one of my toes to live in Denver. Damn I love that city.


brad, tell me pacific beach isnt the coolest place on earth?

oh and btw have you ever been to the worlds gym there?

If you have the money just move to Sn Jose, Costa Rica, I’ve been here for 6 yrs now. Everything you want hot women, clean beaches, cheap living, plenty of english spoken and friendly people. Traffic sucks a little and winter is rainy season and summer dry season lows 55 high 90 at most.

I plan to move back to Vancouver, BC, Canada. If you don’t mind rain and you want to live in an urban core, this is a great place.