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Best Cities (Places) to Party!


Thought this might be interesting, just thought I would throw out the idea, since Canada is getting known for women..... If you want to see some hot women, Montreal is far superior to Toronto. If anyone ever plans a trip to MTL and wants to hit any bars and clubs feel free to let me know. Montreal is an awesome place to party, and if you are a smoker, visit before they ban smoking in bars and clubs... I believe in May sometime.Does anyone else know good cities to party in?


montreal is nice, been there a few times.

in america i believe the number one party city is las vegas. i've never been there but that's what everyone that i know says.

south beach in miami is nice.

anyways if i decided to go all out for my bachelor party it would definitely be between vegas and montreal. I guess amsterdam would be available if people could afford it. laters pk


Austin, TX


Yeah dawg, sixth street is pretty damn good with all the girls from the University showing up on a regular basis. San Francisco is pretty good too, even if it is a bit wacky at times, especially around Halloween. And how can we leave out the New Orleans before the hurricane on Mardi Gras?


It will bounce back! (I hope) I plan to go for Mardi Gras next year


Big bump for 6th Street.


Go this year! Bourbon Street suffered very minor damage, mostly looting. All the hotspots are up and running. The French Quarter is also in good shape. Hotels may be in short supply but they are available. I think Mardi Gras this year will be a blast.


My top 5 cities to party

1 New Orleans:went there once on a tues. and weds. night,and Bourbon street was still partying harder than most New Years parties in other cities.

2Las Vegas:No need to explain,it's a 24hr town

3KC:shocking probably,but Westport is awesome,if you can't get laid there,there is something really,really wrong with you

4Memphis:Beale Street is rocking,Club 152,BB Kings,Flying Saucer,plus damn good food.

5:Chigago,just an all around good ole beer drinking town.Plus,the girls like to have someone keeping them warm at night.


Props to Boston.


Brisbane and Cairns, Australia were alot of fun.
Berlin and Rome were nuts.
I don't even remember all of Amsterdam, but I did party there.
Although I prefer the ole' USA for my party destinations.
My favorites are Panama City, L.A., and Vegas.
But nothing beats a good old house party with all your friends, not your house though.


Panama City is nice, so is Daytona, great spring break destinations, I really have to go to Texas!! I could use some warm weather.. damn 20 F and less here.. Damn Montreal! driving down to Cali in the summer, cant wait!


Yeah, maybe. I'll look into it. Next year for sure.


all i know is that wherever i go, the hot chicks are not ... so if you want to get down with the ladies, stay the f*ck away from me



You would figure with the drunks in Boston it would be great, but evrything closes at 1 am. I wouldn't live anywhere else though. Nothing beats Vegas. Who here has been to Dre's(spelling). I sat there and watched an orgy at about 7am. You can't see that any place else. The girls were hot too.


Dallas Tx


Montreal baby. Then Vancouver... if you know the best crowd.


Vegas and Austin are both a damn good time just depends on what your looking for as to which is better. I hate the University of Colorado(being a Cornhusker and all) but the few times I've been to Boulder I've always had a hell of a time!


..If you want to make a real event of it, I'd have to say that GOA in India is THE place to party on the beach until the sun rises.

I truly didn't know that so many gorgeous, cool people could coexist in such a small space.

But Barcelona gets my top spot.

Honourable mentions to Vancouver and Montreal.

Wow, if I'm only 22 and partying feels like a past-life...


Hong Kong or NYC after 9:00 PM.


Toronto can be a good party town but I agree that Montreal is much better. Vancouver is great if you like to smoke blunt. I had a wicked time in Nashville and New Orleans. However, the best parting of my life was Athens Greece Baby! Nothing in North America can compare.

Have you ever arrived at a Club at 1AM drank and danced like a fool then had coffee and brandy on the patio of the same club while watching the sun rise. I have, only in Athens.