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Best Christmas Presents


What are some of the best christmas presents you guys have received? I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when UPS delivered a box of Allen brothers steaks yesterday. My grandma bought me a box of steaks for christmas!


Not to be ridiculously cheesy but my mom is doing really good for the last few weeks and we're all really happy she will enjoy christmas. Which means we all will. Thanksiving was not so much.


The best gift I ever got was a hot chocolate maker. My mom searched for it and bought it online all by herself, the first "on her own" online thing she did. I was so proud! tear



She's lucky she didn't get tricked into buying porn or paying for a Nigerian Prince's plane ticket!


I'm not sure the best gift i received, but the best gift I gave was last year I got my parents a digital photo frame. I went through about 15 photo albums and found the best pictures and scanned them onto the computer then transfered them to the digital frame. The present was relatively cheap, but very time consuming.


Haha no way I did the exact same thing^^ last year; they loved it.


A threesome from my then girlfriend with one of her friends that was just as hot. It was made clear it was a one-time thing and it was but that was the best. EVER!


I bought myself a PS3, the misses put her name on it and said it can't touch it for 2 weeks until xmas.


my bf got me a big shelf for all my shoes

last year kheaslim got me a Strong(her) shirt that i love


Ninja Turtles related items. Except for Hallowed, all of your gifts suck.


My NES that I got back in '89. My family's TV didn't have the right connection so my Dad went out and bought an RF adapter. He installed it the wrong way so the colors were off, and the video displayed horizontal, diagonal, and vertical lines randomly, but that didn't prevent me from discovering the 1-Up in Super Mario Brothers and playing the game straight for hours that day.


my ghey hat.


The best gift I got was a Santa Cruz Bullet downhill mt bike about seven years ago. I totaled it about six weeks later when I lost control on a trail at about 45mph when some dumbfuck hiker panicked in the middle of it and jumped to the OUTSIDE of the turn. I laid the bike down, went flying off the edge of a steep dropoff and down into a ravine.

The bike went with me, fell about 100' down into a creek. Bent the shit out of the frame, I tore up my shoulder pretty bad and I had to walk about 10 miles down the trail dragging the fucking bike with me until I got back to my truck. But the 20 or 30 times I went before that accident were the 20 or 30 best trips I've ever had.


My parents gave me 300 dollars so im buying a Canon Rebel T2i. Best Christmas Present ever. Even better than the AT-AT walker I got back in the second grade.


Mine was a trek fuel 80 back in high school. I loved that thing.


This is easy, the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier I got when I was 6 or 7. In the end it wasn't a toy I used the most or the most fun, but the drama in getting the gift was incredible. I wanted this thing for months, and begged my mom to get it for me any chance I got. When she kept resisting, I pulled the Ralphie and decided I'll just ask Santa instead.

Well, that fat bastard even said this 7' long beast of a toy might not fit on his sleigh. I was devastated.

When Christmas morning finally came I accepted the fact I wasn't going to get it. But when I walked downstairs I noticed this gigantic wrapped box towering over all the other gifts. I literally jumped up, grabbed the wrapping on the top of the box, and tore it all off to reveal the coveted aircraft carrier. Needless to say I really don't remember anything else I got on that day.


I got my 4 year old daughter a putter and a 7 iron. My first golf club was a 7 iron my grandpa made for me. I've taken her golfing with me a couple times because I couldn't find a baby sitter and she always wants to putt the ball in the hole EVERY hole. Here's a pic of her showing off her muscles after she putted one in. I hope she likes her present! :slightly_smiling:


that's good to hear about your mom. Christmas hasn't been the same since my mom passed away 5 years ago. The first one was the hardest.


The year I got the Millenium Falcon and an X-Wing Fighter (I still have them both).

Fucking ridiculous.