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Best Christmas Movie

  1. Christmas Story

  2. Die Hard 1.

  3. Christmas Vacation


  1. Scrooged. Because Bill Murray owns.
  2. NL Christmas Vacation. “HALLELUJAH… HOLY SHIT!! Where’s the Tylenol?”
  3. Die Hard (both 1 and 2, IMO)

“Those aren’t pillows!”

[quote]apayne wrote:
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is a fantastic and underrated holiday movie.[/quote]

Badder Santa is amazing. Looks like I’ll have to see A Chirstmas Story this year, judging by the praise.

[quote]apayne wrote:
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is a fantastic and underrated holiday movie.[/quote]

TOTALLY forgot about this one. this goes on my list as well.

  1. A Christmas Story

  2. Scrooged

  3. How the Grinch stole Christmas (cartoon version)

  4. I also like ‘A Very Brady Christmas’

[quote]johnny_law wrote:

  1. I also like ‘A Very Brady Christmas’[/quote]

You’re fired!!

Bad Santa anybody?

Bad(er) Santa!

Kid: Your beard’s not real.
Willie: No Shit! It was real, but I got sick and all the hair fell out.
Kid: How come?
Willie: I loved a woman who wasn’t clean.
Kid: Mrs. Claus?
Willie: Actually it was her sister.

Willie: You know, I think I’ve turned a corner.
Marcus: Yeah? You fucking petites now?
Willie: No, I’m not talking about that. I beat the shit out of some kids today. But it was for a purpose. It made me feel good about myself. It was like I did something constructive with my life or something, I dunno, like I accomplished something.
Marcus: You need many years of therapy. Many, many, many fuckin’ years of therapy.

Willie: Is that your underwear?
Kid: Part of it.
Willie: Where the hell’s the rest of it?
[the kid opens his mouth to speak]
Willie: Actually, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. What do you want?
Kid: I was thinking I wanted a purple stuffed elephant, not pink. But now I changed my mind.
Willie: Yeah? What?
Kid: Now I don’t want an elephant at all. I want a gorilla named Davy for beating up the skateboard kids who pull on my underwear. And he can take his orders from the talking walnut, so it won’t be my bad thing.

[Santa looks at the kid in confusion]
Willie: Jesus, kid. When I was your age, I didn’t need no fucking gorilla. And I wasn’t as big as one of your legs. Four kids beat me up one time and I went crying home to my daddy. You know what he did?
Kid: He made it all better?
Willie: No, he kicked my ass. You know why?
Kid: Because you went to the bathroom on mommy’s dishes?
Willie: What the fuck? No!
Kid: He tried to teach you not to cry and be a man?

Willie: No. It’s because he was a mean, drunk, son of a bitch. And when he wasn’t busy busting my ass, he was putting cigarettes out on my neck. The world ain’t fair. You’ve gotta take what you need when you can get it. You’ve gotta learn to stand up for yourself. You have to stop being a pussy and kick these kids in the balls or something.
[the kid stares at Santa]
Willie: Or don’t. Shit. I don’t care. Just leave me the hell out of it.
Kid: Okay. Thanks Santa.

In No Particular Order:

  1. “A Christmas Story”

  2. " A Christmas Carol" (With George C. Scott)

“Hallmark” will ALWAYS have a good one.

And I agree with everyone on the “Classic” cartoons.


Christmas Story…we are watching this now…“stuck, stuck, stuuccckkkk…”

Also Plains and Trains and Christmas Vacation.

A show no one mentioned that I like and the never show is “An American Christmas Carol” w/ Henry Winkler as scrooge. It’s a pretty damn good american version of the classic A Christmas Carol.


Beavis & Butthead also have a great xmas show.


[quote]TShaw wrote:
The 70s musical “Scrooge” with Albert Finney. I love the song “I Hate People”![/quote]

i’ve seen that. albert finney is AWESOME!
i mean really awesome, and i’ve never liked a musical that didn’t have cartman in it.

[quote]AG1 wrote:
Christmas Story…we are watching this now…“stuck, stuck, stuuccckkkk…”

Also Plains and Trains and Christmas Vacation.[/quote]


[quote]Joshua632 wrote:
I will have to second “A Christmas Story” Nothing even comes close. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation takes second place.[/quote]

My picks as well.

[quote]johnny_law wrote:

  1. I also like ‘A Very Brady Christmas’[/quote]

Watch out for the embarressed looks as the hands go up on this one. I was a huge Brady Bunch fan when I was a kid. Jan and Marsha…can you say ‘menage-a-trois’?

“Cindy and Holly Does Santa”

“A Christmas Story”

I’m gonna have to go with Die Hard or The Muppet Christmas Carol.