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Best Chicken Recipes

Nutrition is the hardest and the heart of any fitness regiment. Just wondering if you guys had some great chicken recipes to throw out there. Also was wondering what types of sauces and marinades you might use that stay within an acceptable range for fats and such. Thanks!

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Marinate in Tandoori Sauce

My wife made this a while ago and it was amazing.

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I grind unsalted almonds in a coffee grinder to make a breading. Put breading in large ziplock bag.
Trim chicken breast cut into strips dip in egg white and toss in the ziplock. shake until all covered up.
Fry in olive oil on low heat. Never get the olive oil smoking. Just hot enough to brown the breading and cook the chicken. This meal is nothing but protein and good fats.

EDIT OK since everyone is posting picts which all look delicious by the way I though I’d snap one of my almond Chicken breast strips from last night.



That looks soooo tasty!!

use thigh fillet instead of breast. Easy

I’ve been trying to perfect my chicken recipe over the past couple summers. It’s still not quite perfect but last night was literally the best chicken I have ever made. It works with boneless breasts, but this recipe is designed for skin on chicken thighs. I highly recommend deboning the thighs and poking several holes in the skin which allows the fat underneath to render out better (thus making for perfectly crispy skin). It’s also infinitely better on a charcoal grill with some wood chips added for smoke. Marinade at least overnight.

The marinade (whisk together)

2 cups apple cider vinegar
1 cup canola or vegetable oil
1 egg
1 tbsp kosher salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 tbsp mustard powder
several shakes Adobo w/ pepper seasoning (Goya, Badia, etc)
several shakes poultry seasoning
a little turmeric, mostly for color

After deboning the chicken thighs, sprinkle both sides with more adobo and poultry seasoning and place in gallon freezer bags with the marinade. About 10-12 thighs per bag will do fine. marinate overnight and flip the bag in the morning to ensure even seasoning.

This chicken, or any chicken really is best done in a smoker on indirect heat and finished over higher heat but I was able to get good smoke on it starting the chicken flesh side down with some wood chips on the coals. When placing the chicken on, sprinkle skin with more adobo and poultry seasoning. Cook until flesh side is mostly done, depending on how hot the grill is that could be 5-10 minutes or more. Flip chicken and cook the skin until crispy but not burned, moving as necessary to avoid flare ups and to avoid skin sticking. There will be flare ups and if left alone there could be a firestorm that burns the chicken badly (ask me how i know). It’s critical that until the fat is rendered out of the skin you watch it like a hawk. Once the flame ups die down you’re free to do other stuff if you need to (make sides, clean, etc). Once the skin is nicely cripy, flip again and finish as needed. Feel free to use the marinade as a mop sauce also until the chicken reaches 150 degrees internal then stop basting. The additional cook time to bring it up to temp will ensure all the bad raw chicken stuff is cooked out. I typically don’t do this anyhow.

There you have it. If anyone does make this I’d be interested in hearing how it turns out

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