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Best Chest Program?



What do you all think is the best chest program for gaining size/maximum strength?

I weight 155, am 21 years old, have been training almost 3 years, and have a weak chest (relative to other areas).

Thanks a lot!


Without any information on your current training, nutrition, etc. it would be hard to say for sure what would be the correct approach. However, if increasing the size and strength of your pectoral muscles is your only goal at present then you have to work that muscle group. Some exercises that do that are:

One and a half rep bench presses
Wide grip bench press
Dumbbell flys
Decline dumbbell press
Pec Dec

You should really read some of the training articles here on T-Nation about bringing up lagging body parts.


After three years of training, good job if you're 4 foot 11.

The best chest program by far, and I mean way better than anything else is this:

Decline bench 4 x 15.5
Flat bench 6 x 12.3
Incline bench 3 x 22.6
Dumbbell decline bench 3x 6.55
Dumbell bench 5 x 78
Dumbbell incline bench 1 x 3.667
Decline Flys 3 x 12
Flat flys 3 x 12
incline flys 3 x 12
pec deck 3 x any
cable crossovers high 3 x 2.33
cable crossovers low 2 x 99
dips 3 x max.

Do this twice a week for 4.556 weeks and take a week off, then repeat.



Note for anyone who hasn't realised. Mastermind is joking.

Madmaxe. I reckon you should pick 1 strength exercise, such as bench press. Stay in the 3-6 rep range and focus on gaining strength (more reps or more weight) every workout. 3-4 sets.

Then a b'building movement. Incline DB press is a good example. 2-3 sets in the 6-10 rep range.

Then a finisher. Cable x-overs are good. 2 sets. On the final set, chuck in a drop set if you feel like it. The finisher is to finish annihlating that area and to fully engorge the muscles with blood. 10 -15 reps. If you still feel you have more to give after this, you're not trying hard enough in your previous movements.

With your basic program designed you only have 2 things to concentrate on. 1) Technique, use the chest to push! and 2) Increase intensity by lifting a heavier weight or more reps every session.

Do this consistently and you will get stronger. With increased strength comes increased size. Hope that helps.


may i suggest it could be your form just remember to take your time when benching slowly lower the bar and stop just at your chest dont use momentum to bounce the weight back up and dont fully lock ur arms to keep as much tension on ur chest as possible just what has worked 4 me in the past...hope it helps you



1st Build Strength by using a compound movement (Basic & Heavy)

Nothing but Bench Presses until you can lift almost double your weight

2nd Endurance (Push ups & Dips)
rep til you can't rep no more

3rd Isolations (accentuate your weak areas)
using flyes, cables, etc etc

everyones chest and physique is different and there is no program for everybody, just a general blueprint in a way to build it up

Use this order though
1- strength
2- size
3- flexibilty & endurance

Your Program should revolve around a basic lift like the bench press or push up


Why go to failure and then do isolation work? You've FAILED GO HOME!

You can't do anymore quality work after muscle failure. All you can hope to do is pump some more blood into your muscles and increase your overtraining risk.


I think you misunderstood the question. And the answer.
First nobody ever said do all this in the same workout. If you can begin liftings weights and be able to bench press twice your bodyweight in the same routine, your not human.

2nd this was a series of emphasis used over a long period of time.

maybe a couple years benching.

then hit some bulking exercises as the bench press won't last forever, you will need to use other exercises as you start to plateau on the strengh building bench press.

And a professional body builder will use the cables and isolations to bring up weak areas as he has already built the strength and size.

I think you need to learn how to read. Maybe you should go back to bed. YOU FAILED COMPREHENSION CLASS TODAY!


So you now think the best chest program is nothing but bench press until you can do double your bodyweight? Even though this is a feat that many trainee's will never achieve?

Even though in another thread you're arguing with everyone that push ups are superior as chest builders to the bench press?

It's difficult to comprehend the incomprehensible. You're not being consistent to your own advice.


Interesting. I'll found out ready another thread that you "SXIO" weigh approx 198lbs and bench press 176lbs 5 times.

Now you wanna give insults and advice on my defense of the bodyweight movements(weighted push ups & dips)as beneificial exercises for the chest. Greater than most think.

I stated the bench press is a great strength builder and the dips and push ups will work better for bulking your chest if you have longer arms like mine. And even guys with shorter arms can benefit from some weighted dips and push ups.

Your training- 5 years.
Mine- 20

Your weight- 198
Mine- 175

How many times you bench press 176lbs....5

How many times i can bench press 176lbs; and you outweigh me by 20 pounds......30

Now i dont care to compare #'s(its stupid and subjective), i feel mine are decent but not going to impress anyone. Yours on the other hand are probably not worth repeating and should not be giving advice on chest exercises like bench presses and push ups.

Stop trolling!
Start helping some of the threaders.

You have tried to ruin a couple of threads today.



I think your strategy of accusing everyone else of being a troll is really working. Not. If you've been training for 20 yrs, then you must be 30-40years old (and you only weigh 175pnds). But your maturity level is about that of a 12 year old.

I think everyone's about realised what you are by now.

I'm not wasting anymore time conversing with you.


Hey man, first off, could you give us some more info? Like how tall you are, what your training and nutrition is like, etc. Honestly, for anyone looking to gain size at this point, I would roughly point them in the direction of something like Dr. Berardi's G-Flux. If you couple something like that, with Dan John's One Lift A Day, of which the variations are endless, I'm pretty sure the results will be to your liking. I'm pretty sure at one point in his career, Arnold said something along the lines of, "want a bigger chest? Start working you back harder." Just some food for thought. But serioulsy, check out Dr. Berardi's G-Flux, Chad Waterbury's High Frequency Training, and Dan Johns One Lift A Day Program for starters. If you concentrate on either total body workouts, or working on movements as oppossed to trying to isolate bodyparts, it will help you reach your goals faster. Good luck man.


I think it has been eluded too by a few people... at 155lbs unless your really short add mass all over, you will be much happier with your chest AND the rest of your body.

I think for a specific routine SXIO gave good advice