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Best Chest, Back, Shoulder Workout?


I'm still a beginner, and am in the middle of creating a new routine. In an effort to make sure I don't waste my time with nonsense workouts, and also mix it up so my muscles don't adapt to the same workout all the time, I was wondering if you experienced lifters could tell which workouts work BEST for these muscle groups.

Here is what I have so far:

chest: Bench, wide-grip dips
back: seated row, lat pull downs
shoulders: military press, seated dumbbell press


Those lifts are perfectly fine for most. Work on eventually doubling the amount of weight you can use in good form for reps(6-12) on those exercises and you'll have made quite the improvement.


back: deadlift


...but yeah those are good choices. I would do pull ups if you can.


Back: Deadlift & BB row
Chins & DB row

Not Supersets!!!!!!!!!


In my experience, I think I've had more chest development from flies than BP.

But some staples should be

Back: deads, and bent rows,
Chest:bench, flies
your shoulder ex's look good.


Chest: Dumbbell Bench Press
Back: Barbell Row
Shoulders: Clean & Press


Chest: Bench, Flys, Weighted Dips
Back: Deads, Bent Rows, Weighted Pull Ups
Shoulders: Clean & Press, Arnold DB Presses

Where are the?-
LEGS: Squats, Lunges