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Best Cheat Day Ever!

Check out my “cheat” meal tonight hehe…
(everything homemade by grandma - god i love being italian)

  • 1.5 pounds spaghetti with sauce
  • Half loaf of semolina bread
    (only those of you from nyc would really be able to appreciate that in particular)
  • at least 2 pounds of sausage
  • 2 trimmed top round steaks
    -about a pound of bitter green (arugala, dandelion etc.) salad from the garden
  • 1 bottle sutter home red

and for the sweet tooth it was turtle brownies with ben and jerry’s!

I have been reading up on some training concerning how the old strongmen did it back in the day. Judging by the amount I ate (even though I consumed over 5 pounds of food in one sitting) ot seems to pale in comparison to what those guys used to slam back. Their formula seems simple. Pick a couple of lifts to develop over all power (deadlifting objects/over head pressing) - eat alot - sleep - eat alot more.

So what have your best cheat meals been recently?

Sounds like a pretty healthy meal, albiet in larger quantities.

For a real cheat meal, I just go nuts at the bakery. Eat so much junk in one sitting that I won’t want to touch anything like that for 2 or 3 weeks.

Cheat days are the best, but I also like to go somewhat healthy on these days.

Cheat day is my fav, i wait for it all week…Last sunday me and my roommate gorged ourselves…take a look
Egg whites for bfast(what else)
Egg plant rolatini
Bloomin onion
ranch fries
12oz filet with sweet p
hot fudge brownie
Dairy queen
2 small blizzards
chicken fingers
whole pizza
chicken parm dinner
french fries
loaf of bread too

ohhh cheat days, that would be sundays for me, usually revolves around eating a shedload of sweet things such as choc, ice cream, cakes, scones, pastry… and of course a few good sized meals with some nice amount of carbs.

I love SUNDAYS!!!

dip that bread in some extra virgin olive oil and put some parmasean on the greens…reminds me of my grandma.