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Best Cheap Gluten/Grain/Dairy-Free Bulking Foods?

To preface I have been at about the same weight for 2 weeks now (210 lbs) on 4-5000 calories a day (whether I train that day or not the calories vary slightly). So I am rather sure my Calorie expenditure is actually that high; I walk 10-15 miles 5 days a week for work, as well as train 4 days a week for around 90 minutes.

I have basically been trying to cut out foods that bother me. So far, dairy and gluten are the most obvious offenders.

I use oatmeal to bulk (blend 2 cups with almond milk/olive oil for a 6-700 calorie shake), BUT I have had to stop buying gluten free oats because I was spending $10-15 a day just to get enough of them.

I also eat 1.5-2lbs of either chicken breast or thighs per day.

Feel MUCH better without dairy, allergies to cats even have improved as well as my sleep. (From 5 hours of average broken sleep to more restful 7-8 hours)

Since going back to regular oats, I have had the return of abdominal bloating and overall allergy symptoms. (Sinuses, eyes, cough, etc). So I know the best thing to do is avoid the oats again. I don’t know if regular oats are actually contaminated enough to cause me issues (I tested positive for slight gluten sensitivity years ago but have never followed a gluten free diet), or if oats being a grain are in general bad for most people who don’t agree with gluten.

I am wondering what is another CHEAP good source of carbs/calories that I can use to get the amount of calories I need? I cannot handle rice, corn or other grains unfortunately I am thinking beans mostly, I try to eat every 2-3 hours and do so for about 6 meals a day. Thanks ahead for any advice

I also try to avoid: potatoes, peanuts, tomatoes, rice, corn

You do realize that oats are gluten free right? The only possible gluten they could have on them is being processed in a facility that also processes wheat which would be Trace Amounts :roll_eyes:

Yes I do know that. That’s why I said it in my original post actually.

Why? Between that and rice which you’re also avoiding you’re missing the two easiest carb wins, but don’t just focus on carbs for bulking - fat is your bulking friend; quick, easy and cheap, drink EVOO 100ml a day for an extra 900 cals. Virtually effortless and instantaneous, but slightly unpleasant if you drink it. (Might want to build up to that).

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That’s… a lot of oats. I thought I could eat a lot of food, but damn.

It was my impression the price he was paying was a consequence of paying for oats that are guaranteed to be gluten-free, which would entail that they are processed separately from things that do contain gluten such as wheat, rye, and barely. OP could try “normal” oats and see if he has a reaction, that might reduce the expense.

Yes, I gathered that, but considering that ~1 kilo of certified gluten-free oats from Bob’s Red Mill is $11, that means that he’s eating a crapload of oats.

Hot dang, should’ve checked prices, I just assumed internally from how that aisle looks in my local grocery store that it panned out (not in the US). Seems like gluten free is even cheaper here. 4.5USD / kilo.

That’s either got to be an error and he meant per week or an exaggeration, since if it was $11 per kilo he’d have to be eating 1-1.5kg of oats per day which would account for his entire calorie allocation, which when you factor in the chicken, makes that patently incorrect.

Or the dude is getting seriously ripped off on oats and needs to start eating potatoes!

I eat around 15 cups of oats a day right now. Entire 30 serving container a day. The serving size is 1/2 cup.

On top of that I have my chicken and use olive oil in a few of my shakes as I feel necessary.

Obviously I will be lacking vitamins doing this forever

I STOPPED paying for the gluten free oats was the point. I spend about $3 a day TOTAL on all my oats.
2lbs of chicken is anywhere from $6-8 so I spend around $10 a day on food that’s it

The reason is because potatoes give me extreme gas and sharp stomach pains for a few hours… I am perfectly fine with sweet potatoes as they aren’t a nightshade.

ALL night shades give me stomach issues.

Also, I get about 450-600 calories from olive oil in my shakes already :slight_smile:

I actually enjoy the taste of extra virgin, but it can be a bit much so I use light olive oil now which is still 120 calories roughly per tbsp

Sweet potatoes, cauliflower, peas, beets, carrots, bananas, apples, dry beans as you have mentioned. Who knows, you may actually get in a vitamin ot two.

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In case anyone cares this is my physique 210lbs morning weight. Not the greatest physique but I am bulking obviously so not too concerned with fat level right now really. Really need to grow my delts/lats.

Last 2 weeks on these calories my
Weight hasn’t moved unfortunately

Might be time to add another .5 lb of chicken lol

Yes, and that was not the point I was trying to make. You actually confirmed it with this:

1 cup of raw oats is ~300 calories. This means that you are consuming 4500 calories/day in oats. Since you eat 4000-5000 calories/day (3300 of which are from the carbs in the oats), this means that you are eating a

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Ya I probably eat more around 53-5500 calories now looking back at it.

Man everything I can think of for cheap carbs won’t work for you

Save for maybe dextrose powder? That stuff is cheap as fuck especially if you just get brewers dextrose (which is the same stuff supplement stores sell just cheaper)

You can also get brewers maltodextrin which is a bit more expensive

It’s basically just straight carb powder. But if you’re eating 15 fucking cups of oats a day I dunno if it’s gonna be any cheaper for you. Christ that’s a lot.


15 cups of oats… Dixie cups ? That’s very doubtful

1/2 cup measuring cup. 4 per shake/bowl. I use the 30 serving container every day so idk what you mean with your post?

What type of rice have you tried? I’m surprised you can handle gluten free oats but cannot tolerate white rice. I’m gluten-free and dairy-free, and I eat zero grain with the exception of white rice. Cannot do brown or any other variety. Tons of sweet potatoes and bananas help.

And if you are trying to gain weight, why are you limiting your protein sources to chicken? What’s wrong with red meat, eggs, and fatty fish? Chicken is also not very nutritionally dense.

I’ve had the most issues with white rice I’ll have to try some others out and see how I do. The chicken is because I can get it for $1.50/lb and just on a tight budget paying off school/living on my own. I will definitely look into more red meats that should be a much easier way to get calories AND protein now that I think of it again.