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Best Chain Lifting Set Up on the Market?


You tell me!


I'll stick with my support chains.


i paid about $8 for 2 4ft sections of chain and clips that i use to load my chains. and i can adjust the length of them too. that sounds pretty darn awesome to me.


wow.. that sounds like a great price. What size are those chains?


I'm glad you both have in on the awesome power of lifting with chains. What has been your experience with adjusting(time and difficulty) for squat as well as over head presses? Also, what is it like with transition time with other lifters? Just trying to get a better idea! Thanks!


It's very short, especially if you leave the lead chain attached via caribeener. Simply have to adjust the caribeener holding the main chain to an appropriate height on the lead chain and voila done. Maybe all of a minute.