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Best Cardio For Avid Weight Lifters


I don't think anything keeps me in better shape then hour + long sessions of dancing at clubs to house music a few nights per week....

Sweating like a beast, legs are sore as shit, and I look and feel leaner the day after.

Basketball is pretty fun too, but dancing takes the cake.

I'll even throw on the techno station on pandora, and get down for a 30 minute solo sesh at home..

Thoughts? Cause I think that shit is the bomb, how do you keep your cardio 'fun?'




Bro, I wish the clock rewound 10 years and I was kicking it on the dance floor, raving etc. I'm keen to make cardio fun because the treadmill, 40 minutes and an iPod ain't cutting it (pun intended).


My main source of cardio, and something that I loved playing before I got into lifting...

Fuck yeah. Such good cardio.

That, and Prowler sprints... blech.


Few years ago it was fun to fight and then run, hide. Metal concerts in front of the stage? Again, total body work with punches-jumps, and all kind of stuff. Torn clothes and bruises all over the body the next morning.

I like "traditional" ways too. I don't have problem with boredom. Elliptical or treadmill, fuck it, I only need some good audiobook and headphones. I enjoy audiobooks, as they totally lift you out from the environment. You don't realise, and you've already finished with vacuum cleaning the house, cleaning up the kitchen, cutting the grass-hedge, and done 40-50 mins on some boooring cardio machine.

Don't try them on road cycling or during park walks though, good way to kill yourself on a pedestrian crossing :o)

Please note, that I count prowler-kettlebell-hillsprint (staircase is my way, as the countryside here has zero hills) as all out bursts of pure conditioning, and jogging-cycling-elliptical as light cardiovascular work (nonetheless, HR often gets up to 160, though the resting is lower than 60, so it's still poses some challenge).


Car pushes, sled drags, hill sprints/regular sprints, agility work at the track, all done HIIT style.



I was just talking to a friend who went to Iraq for a year and he said this is how he did his cardio.......funny as hell

nice music too.he is into video game techno though.


and holy fuck you look good bro


Damn!! Your avatar proves that what you posted fuckin' works!

I'll bet when you walk past the cereal boxes at the supermarket, the shredded wheat gets jealous.


Basketball is my # 1 choice. While playing games is the most fun, I also do timed drills. Try a full court layup drill for a few minutes. Even shootarounds become good cardio if you put the clock on and try to get X amount of shots off.

My 2nd choice is hiking. Depending on the elevation gain, you can get a nice workout and the scenery and fresh air is awesome.

I'm not commenting on the effectiveness of these, just that they're my top choices since I'd rather be beaten over the head with a blunt object than walk on a treadmill or use any other cardio machine.


ha! I used to play DDR like 4 times a week in high school. i need a shower after that shit... it's hard work lol.

nowadays, i like ultimate frisbee, racquetball, and 12oz curls as active rest while golfing.


Incline treadmill, grooving at live concerts, Violent masturbation, HIIT, jogging, etc...


This thread makes me wonder if people actually do grease up a pig and try to catch it as a game haha, that must be some cardio.

I like this idea of cardio :slight_smile: Who says you have to run up a hill!


like chus and ceballos? if so come to cielo next thursday ill be there getting in a good "cardio" session.


How is that place?

EDIT: I will be partying in NYC this Thurs




What's funny is that I'm not sure if this is a joke, as after I go clubbing I feel like I've lost 5 lbs. of water/fat. Usually though I'll just slap an obese person in the face and tie a twiknie to my neck. After four blocks I've got a mob.


If you can't find "fun" stuff to do (Basketball, sports, grinding on chicks, etc...) I really can't think of a better way to do cardio than to do 16 minutes of high intensity cardio on the elliptical.

It burns scads of calories, ramps up your metabolism for the rest of the day, in-and-out in under 20 minutes, does NOT cut into recovery since the elliptical is basically zero impact. Really liking using 4 of these a week right now to stay lean while gaining weight and getting stronger.

This is the first time in my career I have started using cardio in the "off season" and I'm seriously kicking myself for not using it in the past. Cardio, combined with meticulous nutrition, is allowing me to pack on muscle and strength AND maintain 4-pack levels of leanness which will make it much easier to get stage ready next time around.


Clubs are insane. Raves are even more insane.

However, best cardio: Ukrainian weddings. 8 hours plus of the polka and waltz. Holy shit was I tired.