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Best Car Stereo MP3 Option

I am buying my daughter a car stereo tomorrow and was wondering what are some of my options so she can play music off of her ipod. Myself, I have a casette player in my car, so I just use the casette adaptor, which works fine.

My other car has a MP3 compatible cd player, but burning mp3 to cd is a pain in the ass. I have used the “through the radio” adaptor, and didn’t like that too much, because it got interference like a radio station does.

Anyway, I am looking to drop $200-$300 for player and speakers. Any suggestions? (She does NOT want a casette player in her car!!!)

I know Alpine makes an adapter that lets you control your ipod through the head unit; not sure on the price, though. I had it in my Durango a couple of years ago, works beautifully. I’m sure other brands have something similar by now.

Ive used pioneer cd players for a few years now. Very fond of them and good bang for your buck.

The unit I have has 4 volt pre out, mp3 playable ability to control ipod and satellite radio and was 250 cdn about a year ago.

The thing with mp3…the better system you play it on the worse it sounds.