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Best Canadian Gyms?

My fellow Canucks! Anybody know of some good Muay Thai or MMA gyms in Canada, more specifically the West Coast? I currently train out of toronto under Kru Yai Colin Priaulx but am moving out of the area to BC quite soon. Any tips on what are some good places to compete out of?

Also if anyone is looking for a good place in the Tdot, some of the better gyms are TKMT, KruDar, Siam No.1 and Toronto BJJ. All have good facilities, good trainers fighters, etc. Master Amnat Yodkwain (TKMT) and Master Suchart Yodkeripaupri (Siam No. 1) are excellent teachers and have great reps internationally. Clifton Brown is also at Siam and House of Muay Thai.

Anyone in the city check out the new Extreme Couture gym near Kipling?

Lance Gibson’s Kickboxing and Pankration, in Port Moody.

Well. in canada, their is a gym called tristar, its in montreal though. George St. Pierre trains there.

[quote]Jelly Roll wrote:
Lance Gibson’s Kickboxing and Pankration, in Port Moody.[/quote]

Thanks bro, any recommendations in Vancity itself? Looks like I’ll be in the Kitsilano area.

I have heard a lot of good things about Universal MMA, their site is www.universalmma.com, they should be a 10-15 minutes bus ride from Kitsilano.

Universal is pretty expensive, like $200/month, but they’ve got great trainers.

You could check out the UBC judo club, inexpensive and some world-class grapplers train there.