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Best CANADIAN Credit Card?

Hi. I am in the process of signing up for a gold/platinum credit card.

Fees are not really the issue if they repay themselves.

For example, I frequently rent automobiles. The Desjardins Odysee Gold Card offers free rental car insurance, so the 90$ annual fee repays itself quickly. Plus 1 get 1% of all purchases that can be transformed into air miles or financial services (RRSPs, etc.). So overall it`s a good deal.

With bonuses like these, I plan to do like some of my buddies do: pay everything on the card and just sign one big cheque at the end of the month.

The way I see it, it won`t cost me a cent more per year, and usually these purchases will have additional guarantees that I would not have by paying cash.

Any suggestions or good/bad stories? Thanks in advance!

Dan: a couple of years ago I read a comparison done on the best card and at the time the article felt that visa aerogold card gave you the most for your purchases. I use it now and it’s surprising how quickly the points add up and they can be exchanged for purchases and not just used as air miles. I also recently recieved a voucher for a free companion flight with the purchase of a first flight using aeroplan points. I flew from toronto to calgary and back last year for free and I will likely fly my girlfriend and her son out to vancouver and back with my points and the voucher. (I will ride my motorcycle out and meet them)