Best Calories Counters

I need a website where I can imput possible diets easily and immediately see what the micronutrient breakdown would be in addition to total calories.

Does anyone have a good recommendation other than I’m really impatient and think this site takes too long to use. Maybe I should work on the patience thing, but in the meantime I’m interested in other suggestions.

LoseIt for the iPhone

You get a 30 day free software trial. After that it is a one time fee which includes database updates. Don’t remember how much, but it was reasonable.

I use Fitday PC, it’s ~$20-30 bucks if I remember correctly. If you use it intelligently, it’ll be one of the best investments in your physique you’ll ever make.

i just started using dailyplate for a week, it’s pretty decent. It will give you macro breakdown (pro/carb/fat), but not micro breakdown (vitamins, amino acids, whatever)