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Best Cage To Buy

Hey everyone.
It is time to upgrade my home gym a little. I have all the olympic weights, bars, etc… I need. Just a crapy olympic bench combo.
I want to buy a cage/rack system and a stand alone adjustable bench. Problem…I am 6’5" tall so most standard sized stuff doesn’t cut it for me.

What do all of you suggest as the best buy out there today? Powertec? Power Rack? I don’t plan on tossing around much more than 400lbs total. Mostly want the cage for lifting alone safety and space conservation.

Let the good ideas flow.
Oh and Biotest…Guys…any time you want to do another sale like the one a few mondays ago go for it!!! My wife is tired of me standing in front of the pantry gazing lovingly at the massive amount of supplements I have stocked up from that awesome sale.


BodySolid is a great product. I have one now that I purchased off EBAY for $200. It also came with a BodySolid adj bench. Look on EBAY, you may find a great deal. Also look in your Sunday newspaper, it usually contains a lot more sales than others. Good luck.

Mine’s a BodySolid® as well. I love it.

So you’re really tall? Years ago I saw a rack with wood attached to the bottom to give it more height. Probably relatively easy to drill holes and bolt a small stack of 2x4s under the frame of the rack.

How are you with a metalwork?

We built one for my brothers and it worked out well cheap.