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Best Cable Machine for Home Gym

Ever since I started following you on Instagram I have seen how often you use cables and how you explain how much better they are for most movements.
I’m looking to add a cable machine for my home gym and I’m wondering which one you think is the most versatile and overal best.

In my home gym I already have a pull down machine, a squat rack and a few other machines.

I have this squat rack, not the one in the picture below, so if you say that would be best, I would have to switch my squat rack to the one below.





I’m not Paul, but I’d buy the last one posted. Cable cross over machines are like 6,725 different exercises in one package. I love them :heart:

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I’ve been eyeing this one up for a while:
AmStaff Fitness DF2108 Functional Trainer

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I would think the ones where you can change the angle of the arm of the machine up, down, in, and out would be the most versatile. Actually looked it up, freemotion, but it’s like 4-5g range!


They’re a lot more expensive, though.


A good functional trainer is going to be a better buy than a cable crossover for sure.

Thanks coach!