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Best buy

Any opinions on which Poliquin book is best?
(for the basics)(cheapest place to buy?)

Poliquin Principles is okay, but a bit outdated and most of the information appeared in previous issues of MM2K. I would suggest Modern Trends in Strength Training (Sets and Reps). But only get this if you are interested in knowing about STRENGTH training, not hypertrophy. As the book is for people wanting to know the best sets and reps to gain maximal strength. Of course, if you are a fast-twitch person, you will gain size with this information. Manly Weight Loss sucks! Don’t waste your money. I haven’t checked out “Winning the Arms Race.”

Nate Dogg…what books would you recommend for bodybuilding? Do you agree that core strength has alot to do with breaking plateaus? Thanx

depends, if your coffee table is uneaven then measure the distance between the leg not touching the floor and the floor, go to the book store with the measurement, measure the thickness of his books and buy the one clossest to your measurement.

Mike, I do believe that core strength is important for maximal strength and for athletic purposes. It probably plays less of a role if all you care about is looking good. As for good books related to bodybuilding, I suggest “Get Buffed” or “How to Write Strength Training Programs” by Ian King. Also, you may want to check out “The Science of Martial Arts Training” by Charles Staley. Even though the title is misleading, it is a great book for information on weight training, nutrition and recovery that will apply to anyone.

I personally like Modern Trends (although I don’t think it’s worth $30 for 50 pages). Poliquin principles is cool. But like I said, if you have old issues of MM2K or check out Poliquin’s articles on T-mag, then you have most of the book right in front of you! As for other recommendations, check out the stuff by Tudor Bompa, Siff, and Verhokovsky (sp?). They are highly recommended by Poliquin and the Westside gang.