Best business book....

They can include college textbooks or business-for-idiots type books. I’d especially like to hear from guys (and gals) that started their own businesses and the books they used to do so.

The two that I’ve read so far are:

-The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people

-Leadership Wisdom from the Monk who sold his ferrari.


“GUTS” by Robert Lutz, former Chrysler executive and the man behind the Dodge Viper. He was instrumental in turning the company around after it nearly went bankrupt. I read it when it first came out around 1998-99 and just recently read it again. I think he would qualify as a T-Man.

A couple must-reads in business books…

The Fifth Discipline
by Peter Senge

The Social Psychology of Organizing
by Karl E. Weick

One book I highley recomend before trying to start your own business.

The E Myth
by: Michael Gerber

Awaken The Giant Within and Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins

Million Dollar Habits by Brian Tracy

Definitelys 7 Habits, I am reading that now…

I’m not exactly sure what type of business you’re trying start, but as an overall resource, I’d recommend “Start Your Own Business” from Entrepreneur Press. Some of the advice concerning legal structures and taxation is specific to the USA, but there may be a Canadian version that would be a better fit for you. In terms of avoiding business mistakes in general, I’d suggest “Why Smart Executives Fail” by Finkelstein - it’s written from a somewhat academic point of view, but it’s very helpful in providing a system to categorize the different types of mistakes executives make.

I second the The E Myth by Michael Gerber.

The ‘E’ does not stand for electronic as the book was written before the Internet explosion BUT the information inside is still more than applicable today.

A little off topic but Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. For those not familiar with Graham?s work he taught that security?s analysis class at Colombia. In addition, Warren Buffet credits him for teaching him most of what he knows about investing.