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Best Bumper Plates with an Extended Warranty?

Long time competitive lifter here making a home gym…

I’m looking for a good set of bumper plates that hopefully come with a warranty longer than a year. I’d prefer a lifetime warranty if possible.

So in short, what bumper plates are available that offer a lifetime warranty? Any recommendations for bumper plates?

Have you tried googling “bumper plates lifetime warranty”? The 4th result is a company selling bumpers with a lifetime warranty.

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Thanks. I did try that but was using bing and didn’t get that result. Boy they’re expensive lol. Might have to go with a 3 year warranty brand. Can’t afford or write off a $300 45lbs bumper right now lol.

If you want something to last “for life”

Get eleiko. There is equipment in continuous use for 30 years and it has only got better.

The new rogue competition plates are pretty good. Get some with the metal hub, and not the rings. They are good for a year or two depending on volume.

This is a true “get what you pay for” situation. I would not consider warranty over reputation in purchasing decision.

Thanks Drew. I went with a 500lbs set of rep fitness bumpers that come with a 3 year warranty. They don’t have the thick metal part that competition plates do but they’re colored and have a better internal ring than most. We will see how it goes but for my current budget this was the best option.

My gym has pendlay bumpers from forever ago and they have stood the test of time in a strongman gym where they are dropped onto just stall mats. That’s deadlifting, logs, axle all sorts of stuff they’re not designed for lol

I’d just get a reputable brand, probably Rogue, if it’s just doing your training. Except for the really high end ones, Im pretty sure they all come from the same factory in China anyway.

Elieko or Uesaka have the best long term track records.