Best Bulking Routine?

Thought the B.B. might catch your attention, rather than saying What is your Best Bulking routine? So there it is… let me know… whats your favorite Bulking routine and what kind of results did you get from it?


Been following the “if you see a cheeseburger eat it” method of bulking for the last year. I’m up 20lbs and my bodyfat has stayed in the 12-15% region throughout.

Is that a specific diet/routine, i searched it and it didnt come up. Care explaining?


you’re going to have to post a fullsize picture of your avatar before you can get help.


Well back when I followed a set “routine”, ABBH and Waterbury Method helped me bulk up. Now I’m following the Westside Training Templates from EFS and making great strength and size gains. I think the point I’m trying to make is, lift heavy using compound lifts and get some volume in there and you’ll be good. Go to and order the training templates and do the “Need Some Mass” template.


PS: Eat a lot. You’ll be craving food anyway.

Before when my goal had been to get some size on, the “Russian Bear” program worked really well for me. I actually did it twice with Deadlifts, Chin-ups, and Close-grip bench presses.

After that point my goal was to bring up my conditioning massively. Now, my goal is once again for size so I think I’m going to try the Russian Bear again since it worked well before.


It’s not really a specific diet, it’s pretty self explanitory. If I see a cheeseburger I eat it. As far as training splits I’ve been using while bulking. I used TBT with some pretty good success and more recently Art of Waterbury which I’ve had great results with.

eastern european bodybuilding by Christian Thibadeau

and the “See-food” diet. You see it, you eat it…

if you have to chase it down and kill it to eat it…that just means you’ll keep your abs

My bulking routine is eat, lift, and on Fridays, I do a ton of 12 oz curls. Great isolation!

Quattro Dynamo is working well for me so far.

ABBH has also given results.

Hell any of Chads programs are gonna kick ass - he’s got like 4 science degrees!!