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Best Bulking Exercises?


Hi all

I've been working out more seriously for the past few months since discovering the site (the fountain of knowledge it is), and I just wondered what exercises I can try for bigger, faster gains, I have a good diet though I do need to eat more!

I'm aware of the inevitable advice of eat, eat, eat coming my way and the talks about compound exercises but does anyone have any other tips?


Deadlifts, Squats, Bench press. Some will argue with the bench press but increasing the weights you push on the big 3 every week (which should be no problem on a bulk) will give you a noticeably different body composition. Giving your current split would help a lot too.


Generally, people are gonna say the big 3 here- squats, deadlifts, bench. I like to push past that a little, and involve some other great compound movements in my group of Exercises to Do.

Military press- Pair this with a good shoulder routine, and your delts will A-splode.

Weighted pullups- of course start where you can, but when you can start doing more than bodyweight, do it. Pullups are something that never stopped being effective. I currently do pullups with an extra 90lbs on me, and let me tell you, a 350lb pullup for reps is no joke. Pick up a good weight belt, and get started.

Lunges- Weightled lunges will destroy you legs back to front, so long as you make sure you have decent ROM. Will tear your glutes, hams, and quads. A great movement that i think a lot of people dont utilize.


ok my usual split is:

Day 1: Back & Tri's
Deadlift 100lbs (Until I get more weights delivered next week another 100lbs)
Row 3 - 4 reps x5 at 90lbs
Lat pull (Cable) around 75kg
Skull crushers 10R on 15kg 10R on 20kg
Tri extensions 10R 7.5kg 10R 10kg
Tri dips till fatigue

Day 2: Legs
Squats: 100lbs (till more weight)
Leg raises 75kg up to 90kg
Good Mornings 100lbs
Calf work

Day 3: rest

Day 4: Chest & Bi's
Close grip pull up, 5-7RPM
Close grip bench press 90lbs
Bench press 70kg
Upright rows 90lbs
Ten minute rest period during which I usually drink Maltodextrin
Arm work, mainly isolation movments (I know not the best thing at the moment but feel neglected if I dont do something) e.g. curls, Hammmer curls

Day 5: whatever day, essentailly compound exercies

Day 6: rest


Upright row is a shoulder exercise (albeit a bad one but if you can do it without shoulder pain more power to you), Close grip bench is a tricep exercise, don't feel bad for doing direct arm work, day 5 should be planned not just whatever.
Others will chime in and explain what should be done but those are the things i see that are off (i think your split needs a overhaul to be honest, needs more structure).


Ok cheers man I'll have to look into switching it about a bit


I cant say that i like your routine in the slightest, but what works for some might not work for another, so do what you need to do. I will say one thing though, If you continue doing no/little ham work on your leg day, you're going to blow out your quads.


Ok I'll make sure that doesnt happen, I'll re-evaluate my routine and see what I can do


Can't you get to a gym and not have to worry about equipment and/or weight..?


Also, this man speaks the truth...


What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

You're 6'1" and 165 pounds. You do need to pay a lot of attention to eating enough.

What "talks" about compounds exercises? That you want to include basic lifts like the squat, deadlift, row, bench press, overhead press, and power clean in your routine, plus isolation exercises to make sure nothing's overlooked and everything gets developed maximally?

That pretty much covers it. There aren't any "bulking exercises", just like there aren't any specific "cutting" exercises (in term of weight training).

I'll agree with K-man that you're not experienced, or built, enough to have a "whatever day." You'll benefit much more if you stick to a well-designed plan (like almost any basic program in the archives here).

Also, in that routine you wrote, you're not training shoulders and you're barely training legs. Those are big mistakes.


Heres a tip. Training a muscle more often is better than training a muscle for a longER period of time in one particular workout. This is very valuable for beginners. Volume and frequency are inversely related but also need to be tailorred to the individual.


Here's a great program called 5x5 that will help you get stronger while gaining weight, which you should defintely do! lol


Good luck!


cheers for the help everyone

by the way Im 5"11 where did you get 6"1 from? but yeah I do way 165 pounds roughly


Oh and I'm a student so dont have enough income for a gym membership AND getting to college on my budget - currently applying for higher paid jobs


Do gyms in UK not have gyms free for students?




In your profile, you have listed:

Weight: 165LB
Height: 186cm

186cm is 73 inches and change... 6'1"


No, unfourtunatly gyms here are not free for students, so I have to make do for the time being

Okay I'll update my info, cheers Chris


you need compound with a gallon of milk per day, i recommend SS program, you will GROW on it, just stick to it.