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Best Bulking Cycle?

This is gonna be my second cycle And im looking for Gaining muslce
Test 500Mg EW (16 Week)
Deca 250Mg EW (14Week)
Dbol 50Mg ED (1-4Week/ 12-16Week)
what do u thing about take oral 8 week totally on a cycle …?
I never take deca so i want start this cycle with low dose
im not care about bloating im just looking for size so dbol as finisher not very bad🙄

This is exactly the cycle I want for my next one. Thx to good old Arnold!

I am not a pro but because Dbol is Oral (C17-Alpha Alkylation) it’s hepatotoxic. So not good for the liver. Usually people tend to do Dbol as a kickstarter for 4-6 weeks. Test E and Deca are both long esther (Both are around 10 days half life though) but the way you made your plan seems good. Also wondering if that would work out to take the Dbol as a kickstarter and a finisher you give time for your liver to rest a bit. Seems like a good plan to me.

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If you want to do an oral twice within the cycle you can, but it needs to be done differently. 50mg/d for four weeks is going to be taxing on you, especially if you get very bloated. You say you don’t care about that, but if it starts to cause BP issues I promise you you’ll start to care real fast.

Go lower with the dose and see if that doesn’t give you a solid benefit. I know 50mg is the dose guys use because…um…actually there’s no reason whatsoever for that to be the starting dose. None. It’s just what people do because it’s what people have done. What if you got great results off of 25mg? Wouldn’t that be better for you overall health? It certainly would make it possible for you to run it twice during one cycle with fewer nasty side effects.


Damn… Seeing these cycles makes me wonder what I’d look like if I used doses like this… I’d probably be a very large unit, potentially pushing 200lbs at my height, my heart would grow along with the rest of. Left ventricle would be hyoooooge

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Doesn’t look like that heavy of a cycle to me. Pretty typical run of the mill.

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Idk, my cycle is 250mg test

That’s over a gram/wk, I think of anything over 1000mg to be heavy use however my standards are probably quite conservative

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