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Best Bulk! TEST only or Test/EQ??

Hey guys this is going to be my first cycle. Have heard 2 schools of thought on what to do and not really sure which would work based on my goals. My main goal on this cycle is to gain and HOLD ONTO as much weight as possible. Ive heard that a test only as far as gains is superior to a test/eq but you tend to lose gains after the cycle is over. I have also heard that EQ allows your gains to stick more but that you will not gain as much mass as a test only cycle. Im open for input though and I really want to know what would be a better option for gains that are maintainable with as smooth a recovery as possible.

Option A : Test only 500mg/week or… Option B : test500mg/week and EQ 400mg/week. Eq i would end at week 10 while i continue the test another week.

Have Adex and hcg for on cycle and clomid and nolva for pct. with no shortage of any of the four lol

Thanks again for your future input guys!

still waiting on that input lol

Dude youre asking someone to compare a cycle of 500mg/wk to a cycle of 900mg/wk. It’s apples and oranges.

The stuff about how much you keep has a lot less to do with which drugs you use than you think. Theres much more to it.

Theres a reason EVERY SINGLE first timer gets THE EXACT SAME RECOMMENDATION. Yet theres always someone who thinks theyre a special snowflake who absolutely NEEDS to start a thread.

Its funny cause I did your option A on my first time and just started your option B just this saturday. hah

lmao that seems to be what happens alot of the time thats why i thought why not just try B lol if u dont mind me asking though how did you first cycle of AAS go?